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Grammarly Review

Not all of us are born writers, neither do we have English as our first language so that we can be extremely fluent in it and never make any mistakes. Grammar mistakes are more common than they seem to be, even with people who can speak English very fluently, they do make mistakes when it comes to grammar. (Grammarly Review) These mistakes get hidden when one is speaking, but when one is supposed to be writing, grammar mistakes are not so easy to hide. Especially in this internet addict world, where more than half our lives are connected to internet, a lot of written communications via e-mails and messages have to be made and thus your catch over grammar is now more important than ever.

Even when looking at one’s career aspects, a lot of jobs require written communication and reports to be and thus your writing skills become important. Even your resume cannot have one single grammar mistake. As not of us are Shakespeare or his successors, a lot of us don’t have good grammar and thus come the tool Grammarly to help.

Grammarly Review

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a website which helps you with identifying the mistakes you make while you are writing something. This tool can improve around 250 types of grammatical errors and thus improve your writing to a great extent. Most of the tools offered by grammarly.

As of Wikipedia, Grammarly is a platform for enhance your writing.

You can also install a google chrome plugin, which can help you search for various words and other small helps which you may require.

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How Grammarly  works?

Well, amongst the various services that are provided by grammarly, most of which are free, select the one you currently need to use. You may start either with typing directly on the window that opens in the website or copy paste your content and know the results. The tool is very simple to use and is also helpful to a great extent.

What all services Grammarly provide?


The very first and important service that is required is proofreading. Even as kids we have been taught to always re-read what we have written before submitting it or finishing the task of, but do we do that? However this kind of laziness cannot be afforded when you are working on something important, or when you are a writer who writes content professionally. Here comes grammarly in help. It proofread your documents and tells you about the grammar mistakes that you have committed and also tells you where you can improve upon. Mistakes such as too much use of propositions at the end of sentences, a lot of text written in passive voice are also detected by grammarly. These tools can help you to a lot extent because these are not only very common but also damaging to ones reputation as a writer.

Contextual Spelling test

Contextual spelling test not only checks for the wrong spelling in your text but also checks for the right spellings used in wrong context. The tool lets you select between UK and US English thus if you are wondering about the general differences, even that aspect is cleared. In fact this works out in a great favour to people who do not have English as their native language. Supposedly if you supposed to work on something and have been asked to use UK English, and you are not sure about certain words and the way they are spelled, you can simply use grammarly to find out whether your usage is correct or not. This tool also sources out common mistakes such as wrong use of hyphen or unnecessary use of hypen, which is a lot confusing for some people.
The fact that it helps you distinguish between British English and American English simply prove the effectiveness of this tool, because not only are the differences very confusing, but they are also very hard to spot at some places.


A tiny change in the place where you put a comma can change the whole meaning of your sentence. Some people have the habit of overly using the exclamation mark, or wrongly using the ellipses. Such punctuations matter a lot when you are communication formally. Grammarly also helps you with it tells you where a punctuation mark is needed and where it is not needed. We might have ignored the importance of punctuation marks when we were kids, but ignoring them while making formal communication can lead to disastrous effects. So as long as you use grammarly to check your content, it’s probably okay because this tool checks your grammar and punctuation usage very precisely.

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If you are not aware of what plagiarism means, it is highly possible that you have actually plagiarised content in the past. Plagiarism means copying someone’s content word to word without giving them any credit. Plagiarism is a punishable act and if you post something plagiarised on some website or blog, Google might even ban that site.
Those who write content professionally, understand how much plagiarism is smirked upon and how deep impacts it can have. There are a lot of sites which offer plagiarism test for free, but hardly any of them is useful. How these software work is that they check the word strings and every software has a different number of words which form a string and that is why not a lot of them are successful. Well, grammarly surely is a good tool to check for plagiarism, we would not say that it is the best tool available, but it surely is more reliable than a lot of other sites offering plagiarism checks.

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The final verdict

Can grammarly help you avoid human proofreading or grammar checks, no! Is it reliable though, yes. The tool is not perfect but it still has a lot of advantages. It may not be very useful for people who write regularly and have a good command over language and grammar. It is however very useful for people who do not write regularly and are not very good with grammar and punctuation.

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Grammarly Review

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