There are two basic questions you should ask yourself before starting every piece of writing: why am I writing about this and why should someone care? These questions are easy to answer when you’re covering breaking news. When you’re coming up with kitchen design ideas for your blog, not so much. 

kitchen design ideas
Beautiful Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Gradated Photo Combination.

Your kitchen blog can be your website’s secret weapon. When done well, it can:

  • Identify you as a thought leader
  • Educate your readers
  • Provide compelling insights
  • Show your clients your personality
  • Generate more quality leads 

Whether you’re just starting to come up with kitchen design ideas or you’ve been at for years, here are a few strategies that can boost your site traffic. 

Look at the Big Picture 

Take a step back before writing 1,200 words about the luxurious details of islands and beadboards. What does the perfect kitchen look like to you? When you jot these ideas down, also write why these particular fixtures or appliances are important. Why is one countertop more valuable than another? Is stainless steel worth the extra money? 

Start by writing an entire post like Bauformat has about their ideal kitchen. Next, write a separate article about each of these ideas and link it to your main post. This will help you build an internal linking structure and keep your readers engaged and wanting more. 

If your niche is specific to just one aspect of the kitchen, such as sinks or countertops, write about how your niche product(s) fit into a perfect kitchen. 

Make Your Specialty Important

You can make your specialty important to your customers no matter what it is. If your focus is on countertops, write about the top 5 trending granite colors or what countertop brands celebrities use.

Highlight what’s popular this year or season and why. Compare brands or types, or tell stories about previous clients and their wants and needs. Also, add your own opinions and personality to further assert your authority. 

Learn from Your Competitor’s Kitchen Design Ideas

What are the top performing kitchen blogs writing about? How about your closest competitors? Competitive research will give you insight into what others are doing in your market, what’s performing well, and what isn’t. 

Pick a topic and type it into your search bar. For example, “kitchen design ideas for autumn.” Read through the selections on the first page of your results and take notes. What are other bloggers writing about? What aren’t they writing about? Search for gaps, or take some of the ideas but make them your own by infusing your own opinion and personality. 

Here are 75 kitchen blogs to get you started. 

Keyword Research for Optimization

Sites like SEMRush and Moz give you insight to what keywords are trending. We recommend cheaper alternatives, such as Ubersuggest and Google Keywords Everywhere – especially for smaller businesses. 

Start by typing in a keyword relevant to what you do. For example, “kitchen design.” You’ll be given various details about this keyword, including:

  • How often it’s queried
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Paid difficulty
  • Organic difficulty
  • Similar keywords
  • And more 

Write a list of keywords that have a good high volume to low ratio difficulty. These are the keywords that you can most easily rank for on search engines. Then write with your audience in mind. 

Attracting Clients with Your Kitchen Blog 

Writing and maintaining a kitchen blog is no easy feat. However, by using some – or all – of the strategies above, you’re on your way to creating a high-quality blog and building a captivated audience.