Whether you’re writing a blog about landscaping services or a celebrity gossip column, the fundamentals for growing site visitors are all the same. Identify your customers wants and needs, and answer the questions they have. 

Man laying grass turf rolls for new garden lawn

Give the Customers What They Want

The two primary purposes of a blog is to connect you with your target audience and to boost traffic and leads to your site. If readers want to learn about landscaping services, your blog should inform and intrigue them to want to learn more, but not sell. Your blog is part of the top of your funnel, not the bottom.

Many landscapers, like Tim’s Complete and Jose’s Landscape, offer multiple services. Landscaping ideas are diverse and there’s plenty opportunity to rank on Google for them if you know how. 

Download a free trial of a search engine marketing tool – we recommend Ubersuggest, SEMRush, or Google Keywords Everywhere. From there, type in some of your most popular/recommended services and see what comes up. 

The goal is to generate a list of keywords that have a decent volume and a mid-to-low SEO (organic) difficulty score: 30-60 is good and below 30 is great. However, if it’s 10 or below, there’s probably a reason why. 

If you’re looking to pay for ad space, then you’ll also want keywords with a low cost-per-click (CPC) and mid-to-low paid difficult score. 

Keyword Table

If you specialize in backyard landscaping, here’s an example to get you started:

KeywordVolumeCPCPaid DifficultySEO Difficulty
Backyard landscaping14,800$1.6310053
Ideas for backyard landscaping27,100$0.7510044
Backyard landscaping design5,400$1.8710045
How to do backyard landscaping20$0.7110036
Backyard landscaping ideas with pool1,600$0.4010036
Backyard landscaping plans880$1.2210044
Backyard landscaping cost880$2.0410044
Backyard landscaping low maintenance590$0.6310036
Backyard landscaping privacy ideas590$0.3910036
Backyard landscaping ideas with rocks590$1.0410036
Backyard landscaping planner480$1.6710044
Backyard jacuzzi ideas390$0.4810044

If you are looking for backyard landscaping ideas, you can see paid ads are not a viable option. However, there’s plenty of opportunity with SEO (organic) difficulty. 

With these keywords in mind, write a list of topics that your readers will find useful. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, refer to your previous clients and ask them what’s important to them. Many landscaping services clients will have similar concerns, such as budget, time, and what sort of inconvenience factors they’ll have to endure. Writing about these concerns will give your readers clarity and help them further along their buyer’s journey. 

Keep Post About Your Landscape Services Consistent

Once you start blogging about landscaping services, stay consistent. Post on the same days and roughly the same times. Take ten-to-fifteen minutes every day to engage with others on social media. Share and comment on their posts, and they’ll be more inclined to return the favor.  

By writing about topics that your readers will care about, researching which keywords you can rank for, and remaining consistent, you’ve got a winning formula that will attract visitors to your landscaping blog.