pCloud is developed in order to provide cloud storage. It is a free service which offers 10 GB of space. It is designed for both personal and business use. It can extend the storage up to 20 GB at certain condition.

In 2015, pCloud had launched its pCloud Business application for small business which is looking for a secure document storage and collaboration in the cloud. pCloud Business provides 1TB of storage.

pCloud has released applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The user can also avail by downloading mobile apps on Android and iOS. The user can also access application on the web.

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pCloud Features:

We will discuss pCloud features here on the basis of following parameters:

File Sharing and Sync:

File sharing ability of pCloud is amazing. The user can share files through following ways:

  • Invite to Folder –  Users can request their colleagues, family, or friends to see the selected file or folder. The receiver can also edit files within the web browser.
  • Share Download Link –  It permits users to share a link to download the files or folder. User at receiving point can make changes on the file. However, changes cannot be seen to the owner.Download link is a better alternative for users who are looking to share documents with other. It also allows a group to share the document with each other.
  • Share Upload Link -It allows user other than the account owner to upload documents to the account.Users can also sync files from other locations. Users are open to download the desktop or mobile application for keeping information synced to their account.
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It might be the high point of the pCloud features. Users generally don’t experience slow down when they upload and download files from their account. Downloading is generally faster than uploading. It also depends on the Internet connection users are using.

Users might encounter upload problems at peak time of the day. This is also happened due to congestion on the internet highway.

pCloud Review

Obviously, if you check the help documents, pCloud notes they don’t put limitations on the speed. As indicated by the information base, clients can throttle the transfer and download use on the off chance that they wish. This is useful for the individuals who would prefer not to utilize all their data transmission just to download something.

When we looked at this element, it was accessible on the free arrangement’s web-based interface. We couldn’t discover a speed’s subtab anyplace under the settings tab. However, it exists and it could be a top notch highlight that we just did not have access right now. Users note this when agreeing to accept the benefit.


pCloud makes user available with high end security. Company makes use of TLS/SSL encryption at the time of transmission from device to the cloud. All the information is encrypted when it is saved on the servers.

Security is the top priority by cloud provider. It does not only protect from hackers but from hardware failure also. pCloud is the server where information is stored at three different location. These locations are continuously tracked for the purpose of security.

For the individuals who need extra security, there is pCloud Crypto. This top notch highlight is not available as a part of any plan. It is an additional thing with a cost of $3.99 a month. Clients can attempt it free for 14 days. The payment method selected at sign up is charged unless canceled in advance after 14 days

pCloud Review

Web & Mobile App

pCloud is available in both web and mobile app. It has all the features and functionalities in desktop app. It converts your uploaded file into separate folders such as documents, images, music and videos. You can also take backup from Facebook and other social account.

Mobile apps of pCloud are available for both Android and iOS as well. Mobile apps have amazing features such as automatic uploads of media files, backing up all the mobile data and creating unique password for using apps.

pCloud Plans

As discussed before pCloud provides 10 GB storage space to every new user, and user can extend it if they refer the service to their friend.  Users who are intended to extend the storage; can opt for the plan of 500 GB which costs $3.99 and plan of 1TB costs $7.99.

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For section purpose, private encryption is served to the users as premium service. However, they need to pay $3.99 extra every month. Even without the local side encryption data is well protected in Switzerland servers but the Crypto service can be taken by business users to be extra careful.

Why pCloud: Better than Dropbox?

Drop box has a fragile method of encryption for storing your data on Dropbox’s servers. So, therefore Dropbox employees can read your personal data anytime they want

Dropbox only offers 2 gigabytes of storage space free of charge, which is less than pCloud.

On the other hand pCloud which is not a big name on the market has to offers so many features and facility to its users. So, pCloud should be considered seriously. It is a simple, easy-to-use and most importantly free service. It is a better option to opt for those who are considering Dropbox or Google Drive or any of several other cloud-based file storage services.

pCloud Review

Which one is the Best pCloud Drive vs Dropbox Smart Sync.


pCloud is online service for storage of your all data such as documents, files, music, video and other. You can anytime access your files whether you are in office, home, and train and out of the work station. Thus, you make sure your files are always with you when you need them, and share easily with friends, family, coworkers and partners so you are always on the same page.

As of now, there are several cloud-based file storage services available online. However, you cannot trust any until you are aware with all the features and functionality.

After reading this article, I would wonder if you deny opting for pCloud service as it stands out of all available now.