Search Engine Optimization is no longer optional, and it has become the essential requirement of websites.

In the past years, ranking a website was a simple task that included only a list of keywords and artificial link building.

SEO Checklist

However, the case is not the same anymore, and today SEO Checklist has become an essential factor.

Ranking any website has now become the creation of great content, following a set of rules, and earning standard quality links.

What is the SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist are the best practices and set of tasks designed to improve the search engine rankings of any website.

Some of the common Search Engine Optimization Checklist includes researching keywords, on-site optimization, and building backlinks to a website.

It is helping the deserving sites to get their positions at the top among the rest. By getting a standard search engine checklist, you can boost organic website traffic, which automatically increases credibility plus brand awareness.

It helps your website to optimize for the major search engines. By working on an efficient SEO checklist, you can help to generate lead to your business.

In addition to it, the SEO checklist converts the viewers for your business into paying customers.

Importance of Using An SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist outlines the vital things you should do when starting a new website. Along with it, the SEO Checklist is the basic list that every website owner must follow to run a business successfully.

It helps to achieve the high search engine rank has become one of the top priorities for digital marketers as well as website owners.

It offers several long-term benefits, such as audience engagement plus customer loyalty, and is cost-effective.

Some of the top advantages of using efficient SEO Checklist include:

  • SEO checklist enables your website to grab a perfect position on the SERPs, that is, the search engine results page. By getting the proper SEO Checklist, users can gain crucial information and keyword strategy for the front page of a website.
  • SEO checklist refers to a set of techniques that focus on driving more traffic from online sites to your business website.
  • The comprehensive SEO Checklist helps in increasing traffic for your website. By achieving a strong inbound link profile, you can create an influencing impact on search engine rankings for your website.
  • SEO checklist is vital to ensure the visibility of your website in the search results. It enables your website to grab the top spot on the search engine result page.
  • By analyzing the proper SEO checklist, you can look at the efficient keywords and receive messages from the Google search team.

Different Types of SEO Checklist

Local SEO Checklist

1. Claim Business Listing

When the audience conducts local searches, then they go through with a list of Google business in the search results.

The users can click on such listings to figure out if your website fits best with their needs or not.

If you want that more users will click on your page, then you need to go through with Google My Business Listing optimization.

Once you claim to list, then you can optimize it to ensure you appear in the search results.

2. Optimize Title Tags

Title tags are the first thing that users will see in their search results while looking for the website. It can act as a deciding factor whether someone will click on the link or not.

It would help if you kept the title tag within the Google limit. If your title tag is long, then it can be cut off, and the users will not be able to see the entire tag.

In addition to it, you need to make the title tag relevant for the audience.

3. SEO Friendly URLs

You will find SEO-friendly URLs on the list when you look at the SEO Checklist for local businesses. Such URLs are crucial for both search engines as well as users.

If the audience visits your site, and you want them to remember your website, then it is essential to focus on a dynamic URL.

It is beneficial to keep SEO Friendly URL concise and short, which is easy to remember.

4. Make a Mobile Friendly Website

A critical component of your local SEO Checklist is to have a mobile-friendly website. In today’s time, people are using their mobile phones for local businesses.

It is beneficial that you have a site optimized for mobile devices so that the users can have a positive experience on your website.

If your website loads fast, then it will lead to more visits and searches per click as well.

On Page SEO Checklist

It refers to all the activities done within a website such as an image, Meta keywords, content, title, internal linking, and many more.

Let us check out some of the tactics which will help to achieve better goals in optimizing your website.

1. Title Tags

It is one of the crucial on-page SEO factors if you are already done with keyword research.

The title tags generally tell the search engines what the website is about, and the page on your website is relevant for that keyword phrase or not.

It is efficient that title tags are unique for every page. Search engines will highlight your keyword phrases in the search results.

It will increase the click-through rate along with visibility. It is best to keep your title tags less in length and include some spaces.

2. Meta Descriptions

These are not so important in the search engine rankings, but it is vital to get users to click through from SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to your website.

Meta descriptions should include a compelling description and must use keywords ideally. It would help if you avoided redundancy in Meta descriptions.

Along with it, you can involve non-alpha characters and quotes while writing Meta descriptions.

3. Content with Standard Keywords

The main body of the article needs to be attractive for the users. With all the critical updates, your website’s content must be relevant plus highly unique.

If you have various pages with the same content, then your search rankings will suffer. You will run the risk of getting penalized by Google in that situation.

You can use your keyword phrase at least 2-3 times within your content.

4. Image ALT Tags

An ALT tag refers to the name of the image. All the pictures must use appropriate alt tags within your website page. Alt tags are not only useful for search engines but also crucial for accessibility.

If users are using a screen-reader, then they can hear what that image is about. In the name of your image, you can include your keyword phrase.

Traffic from the image search is also valuable in today’s time, so you can name all of your images in a way that describes them.

5. Make Meaningful Content

Making content easily readable can attract many users. The audience can find the right keywords for what they are looking for, and they can quickly scan your content.

It should be impressive to use bullet points and bolding, which helps in apart the words in the content.

Moreover, it would help if you kept in mind that extremely long sentences can lose the attention of the users so you can keep roughly three to four long sentences.

However, if you have not keyword research and wondering how to research standard keywords, then you need to go through this handout.

Off Page SEO Checklist

It helps in making your website look popular on the internet. The off-page techniques help in improving your website position in SERP.

1. Influence Outreach Significantly

If you have prepared any content which is worthy of sharing, then do not hesitate to reach out to influencers.

Tell the experts to check your blog and ask for further backlinks. However, you need to make sure that you get the links from trustworthy and relevant domains.

2. Social Media Engagement

A primary technique involved with the Off-page SEO Checklist is social media engagement.

If anyone wants to make their blog or website accessible, then they need to engage with people on multiple social media platforms.

The presence of social media will help in growing their business and to get more backlinks.

3. Submission of Articles

You can submit your items in a high PR article submission directory. You need to make sure that your content is of high quality and unique.

The content with more keyword stuffing or having low quality can get rejected. That is why; it becomes necessary to give a proper title and choose the correct category for your article.

4. Involve Question and Answer

By including questions and answers in your content, you can get more traffic. You can join a big PR question and answer sites and start searching for issues related to your website, blog, or business.

5. Create Shareable Content

You need to keep the content for your website amazing so that high traffic can go through with your website.

Creating accessible and shareable content is an impressive way to generate more backlinks to your blog or website.

Keep your content fresh and updated by researching more sites.

Technical SEO Checklist

It refers to the process of correctly optimizing your website for the indexing and crawling phase. You can help search engines in interpreting, accessing, crawling, and indexing your website without any issue.

1. Specify a Significant Domain

While setting up your blog or website, then you need to specify your chosen domain. While encountering your preferable area, you are working to avoid indexing issues, loss of page rank, and duplicate content problems.

2. Optimize a Perfect URL Structure

The URL structure should be vital while preparing for a technical SEO Checklist. It would help if you used the lowercase characters, separate words, try to make them short, use target keywords without stuffing, and avoid unnecessary characters while preparing for URLs.

Once you become capable of defining the format of your permanent link structure, then you can optimize your URLs while publishing your content.

3. Structure of the Website

Due to various reasons, the structure of the website plays a critical role. The audience will stay on the website for a long time and find out what they want faster.

However, most of the webmasters forget to navigate and site structure for their website due to which they end up in damaging their SEO.

Google takes up the entire structure of the website while evaluating a particular page. If you want to gain more benefits, then your category pages must be optimized appropriately.

4. Structured Data

Google correctly uses it in the search results due to which it is gaining high popularity. Generally, structured data is the code that you can add to web pages so that it is visible to search engine crawlers.

It will help them to understand the context of your website content. Once you add the correct structured data into your content, you will gain more traffic.

WordPress SEO Checklist

SEO ranks a website, and by using attractive keywords, you can make your content higher in search engines.

By using the correct checklist, WordPress business can uniquely approach SEO and win the SERPs quickly.

1. Install SEO WordPress Plugin

People should install an SEO plugin when they are working on a WordPress site. It will help them to have full control over optimization from their website.

The SEO plugin allows a business to write up better content with attractive keywords and correct page analysis.

The proper SEO plugin will offer high recommendations for you to gain more data-driven optimizations.

2. Use Focus Keywords

When it comes to WordPress SEO, it is critical to remember the use of standard keywords. It would help if you wrote smartly so that more traffic gets attracted to your site.

Whenever you post a page on your WordPress site, you need to keep the focus keyword in mind. You can include primary keywords more than one time in your content to enhance its efficiency.

3. Title Tags

You can place your primary keyword at the beginning of the title page. It will help in gaining more attention in search engines.

It will help in giving your site a little boost so that it remains at the top of the search results. You can add your company name at the end of the title tag.

The audience looks for the specific, highly engaging content due to which keeping the correct title tags are beneficial for your WordPress site.

4. Meta Keywords

In previous years, Meta keywords were one of the crucial things necessary for making the article at the top. However, in today’s time, Google is no longer dependent on Meta keywords.

So, you should not only stick with the Meta keywords but should focus on some standard and high-quality keywords that can gain more attention.

That is why; instead of spending high time on finding Meta keywords stay focused on attractive keywords.

Google My Business SEO Checklist

Google My Business is the critical online listing required for any local business. It promotes the local business search results for Google maps, search, assistant, and many more.

By claiming and optimizing Google My Business listing, you can get more new customers quickly.

1. Create a Google My Business Listing

During the stated business hours, you need to interact with customers. You must be an authorized representative of your business. If you have found the business listing, then you can see if it owns the business.

When you are done with a variety of questions while completing the Google My Business profile, then you can add valuable data to your listing.

It will become easier for potential customers to find more information about your company.

2. Posts on Google My Business

Generally, Google posts are like social media posts or mini-ads that show up in Google search. In your Google My Business, you can have fun with your Google My Business by adding some images and can include a link to another website.

Posts get to show up in mobile searches, so you need to make your website stand among the search results.

3. Messaging

The customers of your website can send you text messages. It is a great way to connect with people who are interested in what you offer, and you can engage with more people.

If you do not want that customer to message you on your mobile number, then you can download the Google Allo app.

Use the same phone number connected to your Google My Business account on the Allo app. Now, if someone if will message you, then it will get sent to the Allo app.

4. Questions and Answers

Including questions and answers is an excellent way of enhancing the Google local search. It allows people to ask questions about your business website, and you can answer them fluently.

This feature enables you with an excellent opportunity to hear directly from the audience and respond to them.

The email notification is a significant improvement over the notifications experienced with Google My Business.

Ecommerce SEO Checklist

Working on search engine marketing efforts along with search engine optimization can take your e-commerce website to the next level.

It is critical to optimize your website structure before updating an existing website.

1. Keyword Research

It is a crucial step in improving your search rankings. There are some of the ideal keywords which have high volume plus a low competition.

You need to include the proper keyword in your e-commerce websites. It will help your optimized content to reach many people and attract more traffic for your website.

2. Use Significant Title Tags

It is essential to include unique title tags on every page of your e-commerce website. In addition to it, the exact term for which the audience is searching must be included in the title tag.

The relevant title tags can enhance the visibility of your e-commerce website, and your website can come at the top in the search results.

3. Add Vital Keywords

It is beneficial to optimize the heading on each page of your e-commerce website. It makes every title unique to the topic of the page.

It is preferable to use suitable keywords in the headings throughout the content of the page.

However, if you are using unnecessary keywords in your content, then it can affect your search rankings. So, avoid the overuse of keywords if you want to keep your content readable.

4. Use Featured Snippets

When your e-commerce website shows on the search engine result page, then title tag, Meta description, and search engine URL get displayed.

With the use of featured snippets, search engines can display more information about the e-commerce website, which includes reviews, product availability, ratings, and many more.

It can help in improving your search rankings in the search results for the best e-commerce website.

Youtube SEO Checklist

Google not only shows articles in their SERPs. Instead, they also rank images, videos, and many more.

By having useful videos, along with your content, you can help to make the visitor stay for a long time.

1. Use Targeted Keywords

When you search for the targeted keywords for your video posting, then it is essential to see the amount of search volume for every keyword.

It is an excellent practice to discover high search volume keywords for Youtube SEO. One you are capable of setting up targeted keywords in your list, and then you can track your Youtube search rankings.

It would help if you used the proper campaign that will show up your rankings and profile for your Youtube videos.

2. Create An Attractive Video

It means that the video created should be of high quality as well as well-engaged. If your video keeps attracting viewers on Youtube, then there are high chances that Youtube will rank your video at the top in search results.

Along with it, you can respond to questions and answers of viewers on your videos.

It can create proper conversations that will help the audience to learn more about your company plus the topic of your video.

3. Video Optimization

Search queries, as well as keywords, are equally essential on Youtube as they are for Google. Once you select the targeted keyword and create a relevant video, then you can include metadata in your videos.

By adding, video title, description, title tags, and thumbnails, you can influence where and when the video appears in Youtube search results.

Every Youtube video should have an appropriate title name and description, which increases the chances of striking high notes by search engines.


SEO Checklist gives a better understanding of how to structure your website strategy. You can get the awareness of how to use the SEO Checklist for gaining traffic and create excellent website visibility.