If you are looking for a WPX hosting blackfriday deal then you are at the right place.

WPX Hosting providers have come out with their deals and discounts and have also announced the period of their sale.

Choosing a web hosting provider is difficult enough with all the different features, plans and prices, the Black Friday Sale makes the decision even more difficult with the amazing discounts.

The deals offered during this period make most of the web hosting providers affordable which would have otherwise been out of your budget range.

In this post, we will be discussing the WPX hosting black friday deal

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Before we dive into the many facilities offered by WPX Hosting, let us brief you through the deals offers and the duration during which these deals are offered.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal

This Black Friday Sale 2020, WPX Hosting will be providing its customers with two different deals to choose from. The deals are as follows:

Deal 1: A discount of up to 95% in the first month on all the hosting plans for the new customers

Deal 2: Web hosting free for 3 months on all the hosting plans on annual subscriptions for all the customers, new or existing.

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About WPX Hosting

Started in 2013, WPX Hosting was launched with three objectives:

  • To provide superior loading speed
  • To offer 24*7 customer support
  • To provide a simple and jargon-free panel to its users

The company offers its customers two different hosting locations, US and UK with no additional cost on a selection of the hosting location.

Black Friday Deal: WPX Hosting Pricing Plan

WPX Hosting provides you with three different plans to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

These plans are as follows:

  • Business
  • Professional
  • Elite
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Let’s look at these plans in detail and what differentiates one from the other.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Business Plan

The Business plan is ideal for websites that are a small business with new websites or new blogs which currently receive low traffic and is yet to achieve the growth phase.

The facilities offered under this plan are as follows:

  • Can host up to five websites
  • Tier 1 connectivity
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated RAM
  • SSD Server
  • Application Firewall

The cost of the business plan starts at $24.99 per month when purchased on a monthly basis and goes to $20.83 per month when purchased as an annual subscription.

The annual cost comes to $249.96 per annum.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Professional Plan

The Professional plan is the most popular plan that is offered by the company ideal for websites which are medium-sized businesses and blogs with growing visitor traffic and thus in need of higher domains and space.

The facilities offered under this plan are as follows:

  • Can host up to 15 websites
  • Tier 1 connectivity
  • 20 GB disk space
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated RAM
  • SSD Server
  • Application Firewall

The cost of the business plan starts at $49.99 per month when purchased on a monthly basis and goes to $41.58 per month when purchased as an annual subscription.

The annual cost comes to $498.96 per annum.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Elite Plan

The Elite plan is the premium plan that is offered by the company ideal for websites which are heavy or large businesses, e-commerce websites and popular blogs with regular high visitor traffic.

The facilities offered under this plan are as follows:

  • Can host up to 35 websites
  • Tier 1 connectivity
  • 40 GB disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated RAM
  • SSD Server
  • Application Firewall

The cost of the business plan starts at $99 per month when purchased on a monthly basis and goes to $83.25 per month when purchased as an annual subscription.

The annual cost comes to $999 per annum.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the company provides additional features such as free unlimited site migrations, Unlimited SSLs, DDos protection, USA and UK hosting locations, 99.95% uptime guarantee, and 1-click WordPress Installations with each of the above mentioned three plans.

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Pros and Cons of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Pros

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  1. Easy to Use Control Panel

Managing a website comes with its own sets of issues and problems, the process is complicated and time-consuming. Any user wants a simple and non-complicated process and thus all the providers and plugins chosen should be simple and easy to use. Of all of the things that one has to use, any website manager ends up using the main control panel the most.

Both, the simplicity and complexity of the control panel depends on your hosting provider. As mentioned above, one of the three primary objectives of WPX hosting is to offer a simple control panel. The panel provided by WPX stands on its primary objective. It is very simple and completely uncomplicated.

  1. Faster website

The fact that your website needs to be fast is simple undeniable. Slow loading websites are annoying and can rarely hold a visitor for any time duration. Your website is there for the visitor and hence it is supposed to be user friendly, fast and easily navigable. It will be user friendly and easily navigable only when it is fast loading and does not try to test the patience of the visitor.

Fast websites also help you with better google ranking and SEO score. Not only do you satisfy your visitor with better loading speed, but you also improve the overall visibility of your website on the internet. WPX believes in providing its customers with fast websites and it stands true on its promise.

  1. Fast customer support

Building and managing a website takes a team. Even if you are individually managing it, it takes a team of your hosting provider to help you with whatever you need. You need someone who can help you with the technical difficulties and also provide you support wherever you need it. Since a website is supposed to be up 24*7, your need for support is also 24*7.

WRX understands this need and ensures that its customer support team is available for your service 24*7. Not just the availability but the speed with which this help is provided is also very important. The support and help offered by WRX hosting is fast, reliable and available round the clock.

  1. Regular back up

It is always advisable to have your own backup and have it on a constant basis. You never know when which technical glitch can cause some error and make you lose data. The data is precious and has taken a lot of your effort to be built, thus you need to ensure that the data is safe and all backed-up.

With WRX hosting, this service is available for free. Thus, you can be assured of regular back up by the hosting provider, in addition to the regular back ups that you take yourself.

  1. Free SSL certificates

Data privacy and security is incredibly important, not just for you but also for your visitors. Data is the new currency and with all the news breaking out about data leaks and hacking issues, the web users have also become cautious and believe in only using safe websites which ensure that their data is safe.

This safe is ensured with SSL certificates. Whether or not you run a website which takes inputs from the user, you need to ensure that your website is safe. You need to doubly ensure that you website is safe if in any case your website is asking for data from its users.

WRX hosting understands the need of security and thus provides you with free SSL certificate. SSL certificates will allow your website to move from http to https and make sure that your website is secure.

Not only do SSL certificates ensure safety but also help you improve your website visibility. Google search results prefer websites which have SSL certificates installed and thus these websites get better visibility over the search engine.

  1. No increase on plan renewal

Anyone who has been purchasing web hosting plans knows that while the first purchase of web hosting from any company offers you amazing discounts and offers, it is at the time of renewal when these companies charge a bomb and increase their hosting costs.

At the renewal, seeing the high cost most customers shift to other hosting providers. To avoid its customers from migrating, WPX hosting does not increase its costs on renewal.

  1. 30 Day money-back guarantee

WRX believes in customer satisfaction and has made it its priority. In the rare cases that you are unsatisfied with the services provided by the hosting provider, you can simply ask for your money back.

The money-back duration lasts for 30 days which gives you ample time to test out the features provided by the company and also the promises made by the company. All you have to do is ask the customer support team to terminate your account in case you are unsatisfied and you can have your money back.

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WPX Hosting Cons

  1. Comparatively Expensive

When you compare the cost of WPX plans to the cost of plans offered by other companies, the cost of WPX is expensive.

The plans may not be as affordable as other for everyone and may quite possibly burn a hole in the pocket.

However, the many free features provided and the no increase in renewal cost do help the users and the definitely is a plus for the people who can afford the high cost.

Conclusion on WPX Hosting Black Friday

WPX Hosting is a reliable hosting provider with a wide customer base. The company is clear on its objectives and constantly strives to fulfill its promises.

The features it provides like high speed and easy to use dashboard along with the free add ons like SSL certificate and regular backups are something that cannot be negated.

The customer support is reliable is available round the clock.

Even the company’s basic plan is loaded with features and these features and adds on definitely make the purchase a sure steal.

With the amazing discount that the company is providing during this Black Friday Sale, make the hosting provider your top go-to web hosting provider.

While WPX hosting is not the most affordable hosting provider available, the company’s plans offer a variety of features and also throw in a lot of free add ons which are otherwise chargeable by other hosting providers. The services provided are worth paying for.

If you are someone who wants fast-loading and completely secure website which is also easy to manage, WPX hosting is the hosting provider that you are looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions on WPX Black Friday Hosting

What is WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal?

WPX hosting is a fast loading website and In black Friday deal WPX offer till 95% discount. so this is the best time to grab the wonderful deal.

 Is WPX Hosting offers Any Free Trial?

Yes, WPX hosting offer free 3 month trial on black friday deal.

How is WPX Hosting Customer Support

WPX hoting offer a ultimate 24*7 customer support so if you stuck any moment you can connect with their specialized team anytime.


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