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I am here with a Backlinks Indexer Review and this is going to be very useful for all the bloggers, SEO enthusiasts and many more.

Because this is something which is related to your website and its ranking.

Ranking of your website on a search engine is really important in your website’s success.

The higher your rank, the higher your visits.

And I am sure you are working on your website’s ranking by using various methods like backlinking, guest posting, etc.

But, today I have something related to backlinks.

Creating backlinks is important and also essential.

Another thing which you have to remember is that you should follow a proper strategy for link building.

Links are something that directs you toward your website. The more links you have on your website the more popular your website will be.

backlinks indexer

Backlinking is the basic pillar of off page SEO.

Now, after backlinking, the next important part is the mentoring of these backlinks, in short indexing of backlinks.

Indexing of the backlinks normally takes time, that’s why Indexing tools are used. Once Indexed the links show up in Search Console and other tools like SEMRush, etc.

This is where your backlink was shown on google. If you don’t index your backlink. Google automatically indexed after a few days. But if you index it manually, it gets promptly and when you discover your backlink on google. It effectively appeared on Google.

Your created backlinks are set for great things. But just by creating backlinks is a halfway thing to make this thing complete all you need is the perfect backlink indexer to help them perform to their fullest potential.

We all know how important backlinks are for a link building process. But you fail to index them properly and they might not even get picked up by Google, making them worse than useless and the whole thing gets messed up.

In the early days before the business of SEO got quite so complicated, it used to be easy to keep monitoring of backlinks.

You can just create an RSS feed that can be submitted to the directory or ping them. But as time goes on things have changed, they have not remained the same.

Using a simple and useful backlink indexer tool that complements your link building tools is the next step in ranking highly on Google.

So, In this regard, I am going to present you a tool named as Backlinks Indexer and without wasting time lets start with this article named as Backlinks Indexer Review.

Backlinks Indexer Review

Backlinks Indexer Review

BacklinksIndexer was created by the highly respected digital entrepreneur, Daniel Anton.

For many people, this tool may be new, so first, we start with the thing that backlink indexers do?

A backlink indexer tool can perform functions that are related to backlinks. Meanwhile, it imitates the crawler to check your link and show it in such a way that crawlers love to crawl your link.

When a backlink indexer pings it just sends a piece of information to the search engines or websites that search engines love to crawl, informing them that the web page you placed a backlink on has been updated.

The above method is also known as pinging of the link.

Another thing a backlinks indexer does is blast the links when a backlinks indexer blasts it spreads your link on various channels which can improve how fast the backlink is indexed.

If, I tell you in simple words, a backlinks indexer is used to index backlinks quick and fast to gain a higher position in Google results list. So what we usually do manual to index backlink, the same things are done by the backlink Indexer.

This is not the exclusive backlink indexing tool there are many, but it’s easy and flexible working that makes it a more powerful and effective backlinks indexer.

With quality time-saving, this tool can index your links quickly.

The straightforwardness of this tool makes it high in its business. According to the stats, you can create 20,000 to 2,10,000 backlinks per month.

Another good thing about this tool is that it also takes care of the PR status of referring sites i.e. it submits those backlinks to the websites with high PR.

A passionate marketer never wants his/her created backlinks to remain unindexed because Non-Indexed backlinks are as good as useless.

Another thing which is very important is that creating a non-indexed link wastes your time and also hits back at your site.

As I said above, it submits your links to high PR sites and those sites are:

  • Permanent Backlinks
  • Social Signals
  • RSS Aggregators
  • Automatic Drip Pinging
  • Wiki Links
  • Web 2.0 Links

The developers of Backlinks Indexer have done a great job by creating a tool with a unique algorithm which helps its client to make site high in the google results list.

BacklinksIndexer is a cloud-based system which allows you to simply just put links for fast indexing process.

Advantages of Backlinks Indexer

  • 250,000+ Twitter Users: One of Our Powerful Techniques Involves Tweeting Out Your URLs to Get Them Social Link.
  • Integrated With The Best: SEnuke, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Magic Submitter, SocialMonkee – These are some portion of the administrations that trust BacklinksIndexer.com
  • 100% Cloud-Based: Nothing to download. Nothing complicated to do. You simply upload or paste in a list of URLs you want Indexed & Boosted.
  • Security: The platform of the backlinks indexer is safe as there are many digital experts standing behind their platform for many years. Another thing is that they are also Google Safe. They stand behind their product 100%. So, it is a safe and secure SEO tool in the field of indexing.
  • Easily Collab with WordPress: On the backlinksindexer site, you will get its WordPress plugin. You can download it and upload it to your WordPress dashboard. Backlinks Indexer doesn’t raise any issues with WordPress. No matter your theme, WordPress hosting plan.
  • No Manual Process: All you just need to do is add URLs and the rest is magic. Its method of working is entirely different and unique from others.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and sleek interface, so that a beginner can also use it like a pro. Hassle free processing.

How to use the Backlinks Indexer Tool

So, now we see how this magical tool works.

First of all, you need to open your dashboard. Simply just log-in to your account and open the Backlinks Indexer’s dashboard.

Backlinks indexer

Now to submit your backlinks for indexing, go to the submit URL section and add all the URLs in a .txt format and click on add. And that’s it.

Backlinks indexer review
Backlinks indexer review

You only have this many roles, see how nice this tool is. After submitting URL, it spreads and connects these URLs with further sites and blogs.

Monitoring of indexing is also available. The quantity of indexing is based on your plan.

The backlinks indexer also ensures that Google will crawl through every link that you have submitted to them.

The need for Backlinks Indexer :

Crawling basically means that Google’s ‘spiders’ have visited that new content and they are ‘aware’ of it. This is quite different than being indexed, which is not as easy to do. So, the single key difference between being crawled and being indexed is the quality of backlinks that you have coming into that new content.

Everyone has a desire that he/she will get a proper result of their hard work and suppose if you had created backlinks but if these backlinks are not crawled by google then, in this case, all your hard work ends up as useless.

After that, if your site doesn’t have enough backlinks then it will result in less traffic, so overall it affects your return on investment.

They also get ranked 1 on Google in all their keywords. So, they ensure their reliability on their own.

Power Booster By Backlinks Indexer :

What is a Power Booster?

  • More Lightning Fast Indexing as compared to a regular method.
  • Here it uses Combination of Google URL Website Submission + Proprietary Method Developed by BacklinksIndexer.
  • No Requirement for Proxies.
  • No Requirement for Captchas.

Their original submission system is still the Most Powerful because it builds high-quality backlinks to your URLs, but it is a Drip Fed process and takes quite a bit more time. This process is proven to not only get great indexing but also increase your overall rankings.

How do I get this Power Booster?

There are two ways.

#1 – You receive them for free as a bonus for your loyalty from month to month as an active subscriber.
#2 – Or if you need more you can purchase them.

Plan and Pricing of Backlinks Indexer

Backlinks Indexer Plans

Backlinks Indexer Advanced:

  • Price: $27 per month
  • 3,000 URLs Processed per month
  • 100 URLs Processed per day
  • Wiki Links
  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Social Signals
  • RSS Aggregators
  • Permanent Backlinks
  • Automatic Drip Pinging
  • + Secret Indexing Formula

Backlinks Indexer Pro:

  • Price: $57per month
  • 7,500 URLs Processed per month
  • 250 URLs Processed per day
  • Wiki Links
  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Social Signals
  • RSS Aggregators
  • Permanent Backlinks
  • Automatic Drip Pinging
  • + Secret Indexing Formula

Backlinks Indexer Enterprise:

  • Price: $97per month
  • 15,000 URLs Processed per month
  • 500 URLs Processed per day
  • Wiki Links
  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Social Signals
  • RSS Aggregators
  • Permanent Backlinks
  • Automatic Drip Pinging
  • + Secret Indexing Formula

Free Backlink Indexer Trial:

BacklinksIndexer also offers a free trial and this trial is available in advanced and pro plan.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

If This Isn’t The Best Indexing Service You’ve Ever Used they Will Give You Back a Full Refund!

You Have Nothing To Lose. This is what BacklinksIndexer said on the money back guarantee.

Backlinks Indexer Features:

  • If you cancel your subscription, your indexed links will not be affected. Once your backlink has been created after that the backlinks indexer has no control over there.
  • You can easily manage your subscription type by managing your account. For example, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my subscription at any time.
  • On a regular basis, they acquire new domains and integrate more external sites.
  • Their plans are properly managed as they are providing a slow drip of 1,500 links per month (50 per day) or all the way up to 15,000 links per month (500 per day).
  • They launched a new feature, The Power Booster, which is a brand new feature that helps to quickly index stubborn links.

Conclusion On Backlink Indexer Review

So, now we sum up what we have done above, we start with backlinks after that we move on to backlinks indexing and we discuss on a tool for backlinks indexing named as BacklinksIndexer.

This tool has the best quality of automatic working and hassle-free experience. No need to download any software or proper monitoring available. So, all these features impress me a lot.

If you guys like this tool, then please go for it because it is essential also. With these words, we end this article and put your queries and comments in the comment box. Ta da!!!!


FAQ on Backlink Indexer Review

What Does Google Indexing Mean?

Google indexing is when a Google crawler returns results on a search engine.
It simply means when someone searches for any keyword related to a topic that you have written, Google comes up with your site and shows that the result that means your article or post is indexed.

How Long Does it Take Google to Recognize Backlinks?

In fact, it varies from site to site, usually the Google crawler will index the new backlink when it comes to your site.
So how quickly does a crawler come to your site that much time is required to index a new backlink?

What is crawling and indexing?

Crawling and indexing is a process where Google gets any new information your site or any new requests that come from anyone to index their site into the Google database, its call crawling and indexing.