Best Digital Marketing Blogs in India You Should Follow

Best Digital Marketing Blogs In India

Digital Marketing is the newest trending buzz of online marketing that undoubtedly helps many businesses in strengthening their presence on the Internet.

There are numerous people who are already mastering this revolutionary field of the Internet. If followed correctly, you can learn so many crucial insights from these people. 

Today, we bring to you the top Digital Marketing blogs in India that you must follow in 2020 to stay relevant with the latest trends and updates. 

Best Digital Marketing Blogs In India

Best Digital Marketing Blogs in India

1. ShoutmeLoud.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Harsh Agrawal

Date Launched: 1 December 2008

Topics Covered: WordPress, Hosting & Plugins, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, and Social Media Marketing

Anyone can become their own boss with the right tools, knowledge and path.

With this core mission in mind and a desire to become India’s first blogging scientist, Harsh Agrawal started Shout Me Loud almost a decade ago.

If you’re someone who wants to understand the nitty-gritty of blogging and basic WordPress, then this blog is a perfect junction to start your Digital marketing journey with. 

2. DigitalDeepak.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Deepak Kanakaraju

Date Launched: 2013

Topics Covered: Digital Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media Marketing

Everything about digital marketing! With a strong presence in Indian Digital Marketing space as Digital Deepak, Mr. Kanakaraju started this blog to back aspiring digital marketers of India.

From workshops to books to courses, you can find all kinds of study materials/resources that can further help you to gain more knowledge about the digital marketing field. 

3. SoravJain.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Sorav Jain

Date launched: 

Topics Covered: Digital Marketing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Brand Identity & Marketing

Want to become a highly paid digital marketer? This blog is your chance to learn, unlearn, and relearn all the trending digital marketing world tips & tactics.

Be it Facebook marketing or Instagram Influencer-ship, you can have insights on almost everything happening or required to stay up-to-date in the digital marketing field.

Not only that, but Sorav on his blog also covers a wide range of social media post strategies, best institutes offering DM courses, and other trending things. 

4. BloggersPassion.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Anil Agarwal

Date launched: 

Topics Covered: SEO, Keyword Research, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Money Blogging

Do you want to learn how to make money through blogging?

Do you want to upgrade your keyword research game? Do you like to learn some SEO tactics?

No matter what you’re up to! Bloggerpassion is one-stop-platform to learn everything – right from money blogging to  SEO – and upskill your digital knowledge in 2020. 


Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Vikas Chawla

Date Launched: December 2012

Topics Covered: Funnel Marketing, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Tik Tok Influencer Marketing, Video Creation & Multi-Lingual Marketing

Social Beat is an ROI driven Digital Marketing platform, trusted by almost every well-renowned brand of India, that competently deals in different domains of digital marketing to ensure brand reputation.

A Google partnered that effectively generate socially relevant content, both textual and visual, for brands to accelerate their presence digitally.  

6. BloggersIdeas.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Jitendra Vaswani

Date Launched: 

Topics Covered: Amazon Tools & Strategies, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, E-Commerce, and Money Online

Are you in search of a well-known digital marketing consultant to learn? Go nowhere else, is a perfect blog junction to understand how to be a smart online marketer.

Run by an award-winning Digital Consultant, this blog followed by a Podcast ensures that aspiring future digital marketers will get all the must-have insights of the digital marketing world on their fingertips. 

7. DigitialVidya.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Pradeep Chopra

Date launched: 2009

Topics Covered: Digital Marketing, Data Science, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, E-mail Marketing

Want a career in Digital Marketing but don’t know where to find the right launchpad? Don’t worry!

Digital Vidya is your online academy to give your career/dreams the boost they deserve.

From webinars to blogs to forums, you can learn from numerous of ways at this platform and even enroll to a wide range of courses. 

8. SocialPanga.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India
Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Himanshu Arora, Gaurav Arora

Date Launched: September 2014

Topics Covered: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, UI/UX Design, Email Marketing

A Google certified partner digital agency that calls themselves design and digital mafia agency and never loose creativity in their work.

If you’re someone who wants to be at the top of the craziest digital trends, then Social Panga is an exquisite space to keep eagle’s eye on.

Waging a war against social conventions, this Gurgaon-based marketing agency tirelessly provides creative content/ideas to international and domestic brands. 

9. BloggingX.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Akshay Hallur

Date launched: Jun 2014

Topics Covered: SEO, Growth Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, Monetization

Want to redefine your blogging excellence and join the pace of 21st century?

Bloggingx is your destiny to unleash best of all times SEO strategies that will further extend your reach in the digital marketing world.

Inculcate the power of blogging to accelerate online business with Akshay’s blog. 

10. MasterBlogging.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Ankit Singla

Date Launched:

Topics Covered: Content Marketing, Keyword Research, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing

If you already know the game of blogging but looking ahead to strengthen your 2020 blogging strategy, then Masterblogging is your go-to resource for all the updates.

You can also learn how to be a content writing machine through the book written by Ankit Singla itself. 

11. DigitalReady.Co

Digital Marketing Blogs in India
Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name:  Srinivas Vemula, Chiranjeevi Maddala

Date Launched: April 2011

Topics Covered: Digital Marketing

A premium Digital Marketing Institute that thrives to provide up-to-date training courses to aspiring learners and turn them into energetic Digital Marketers.

From training modules to placement opportunities, this space is a must-visit for those who want to learn digital marketing completely. 

12. BloggingCage.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Kulwant Nagi

Date launched: 15 January 2012

Topics Covered: SEO, Social Media Optimization, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing

Are you in the quest to learn world-class tips of business growth, SEO rankings, and money blogging?

Head towards and search through their wide variety of learning materials – Getting Traffic, Starting a Blog, Monetize Your Efforts – to fuel up your online presence. 

13. HellBoundBloggers.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Pradeep Kumar

Date Launched: 15 January 2012

Topics Covered: Blogging, Making Money Online, Social Media, SEO, Internet Marketing

Everything that exists on the Internet is about blog and make sure that you well-understand how to blog about that all.

Supported by its own blog community, you can meet with and learn from likewise people here and form your own community.


Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Aksshit Wadhwa

Date Launched: July 2015

Topics Covered: Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Money Online, Affiliate Marketing

You must have seen “Start your own blog today!” written on many websites, but few of them help you to get there. is your chance to learn about blogging and SEO tricks from a well-versed and experienced blogger which requires a deep understanding. 

He started his own digital marketing agency in 2020.

15. TryooTech.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Amit Mishra 

Date Launched: 

Topics Covered: YouTube Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing

If you want to learn the easiest and fastest way to make money online, then visit Tryootech for their amazing blogging plans for beginners.

Here you can also find useful courses and deals to help you forward the game!

16. DigitalGYD.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Swadhin Agrawal

Date Launched: Feb 2014

Topics Covered: Blogging, Growth Marketing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing

An award-winning platform that helps beginners to reskill themselves and turn their just a start-blog into a profitable online business.

All you need to do is to raise your hands and join the Digitalgyd community.

Refer themselves as Digital Guide, at this portal you can unleash a proven guide to become a blogger and learn some trending SEO tricks that too free.

With its new and improved 3-phase growth strategy. Start Strong, Scale Fast, and Automate Growth. This portal ensures that every aspiring blogger will get what they deserve!

17. BlogRags.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name:Himanshu 

Date Launched: 2016

Topics Covered: Blogging, SEO, 

Start right from scratch and touch the top of the skies. With this simple strategy, BlogRags help beginners in the blogging domain to find their own ground and make a well-stable business in that space.

You can navigate yourself on their strategical portal and learn great insights from their in-depth tutorials and case studies that further help you succeed.

Here you’ll also get to read some failure stories that allow you to create your own success story!

18. 99Signals.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Sandeep Mallya 

Date Launched: 2016

Topics Covered: Content Marketing, SEO, Marketing Strategy Analytics, Email Marketing, WordPress, Social Media Marketing

Want to skyrocket your organic traffic game in 2020? is your way to make it happen without investing much time and money.

Sandeep started this blog portal in 2016 with the sole purpose to help small business owners leverage their social media, SEO, and content marketing in a way that allows them to grow their traffic and generate qualified leads for the business.

19. TrafficCrow.Com

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Sathish Arumugam

Date Launched: 2008

Topics Covered: Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, Startups, Website Designing

If you are someone who wants to navigate non-deviated traffic to your website, then traffic crow is the best place to head for.

At this space, you can learn great insights about generating viral traffic through blogging.

From website to content to design to SEO, this blog covers almost every branch of Digital Marketing and further help business to extend their market reach. 


Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Santanu Debnath

Date Launched: 

Topics Covered: SEO, Blogging, Website Designing, Digital Marketing, Money Online

Who doesn’t like to visit a blog that spreads blogging happiness and allows its readers to learn meaningful lessons about the evolving digital marketing space?

In case, you are someone who loves to read & learn through a blog that encourages you to start blogging in 2020, then go nowhere else.

Bloggingjoy is a portal where you can understand minute to huge terms of SEO, Website designing, Social media, etc. 


Digital Marketing Blogs in India

Founder Name: Manu Jolly

Date launched: 2014

Topics Covered: SEO, Blogging, Digital Marketing

Want to learn all the newest trends in digital marketing but doesn’t know where to start? Navigate yourself to the and advance your insights and skills about the domain. With all the latest updates, handy guides, and free resources, this blog portal can literally help you in accelerating your digital marketing journey.

Disclaimer: This sequence of blogs is not representing anyone rankings they are just assembled in order.

Final Verdict:

These are the best digital marketers who are winning the game of digital marketing and are providing the best of the information that one should have about this field.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs in India You Should Follow via @aksshitwadhwa

14 Responses to “Best Digital Marketing Blogs in India You Should Follow”

  1. Venkat Randa says:

    Hey aksshit, you included amazing blogs for digital marketing.
    I am following most of these blogs for digital marketing and blogging reference.
    I come to know about shoutmeloud in my beginning days of blogging.
    great list.
    Thank you for this post.
    Keep come up with awesome stuff.

  2. Yash says:

    Hey Aksshit Wadhwa,

    Maybe you forgot to add one name “Umer Qureshi”

    Btw thanks for sharing this article

  3. Hey Aksshit,
    Thanks for compiling this amazing list of 21 Best Digital Marketing Blogs In India..
    If a newbie wants to step his foot into the digital marketing space, then he should follow these blogs . Great work man. Keep it up

  4. Hello Aksshit,

    Awesome post. It’s always be an honor and happy to see pro bloggers under the one roof. I know many of them personally and they are my best friends also. These are the guys who always inspire me and I am sure they inspire all the new aspirant bloggers. Thanks for sharing the list with us. Great Job Buddy :)


  5. Amit Garg says:

    Hi Aksshit

    This is the very first time I am visiting your blog and I must say this is a great post with a list of absolute great bloggers.

    All of them are the inspiration and I am already following most of them.


  6. Hey Aksshit, Thank you for prepared this jumbo list of 21 best Digital Marketing Blogs from digital marketing fields in India.

    From a newbie perspective they had always a lack of fresh blogging materials which they could apply and extend their step more deeper in terms of learning into the blogging sphere, this article will sure be ease them up if they found any hardship while they are at phase of learning, keep it up bro????????????????
    Best regard.

  7. Pronay says:

    Hi Akssiht,
    Thanks for sharing about our Indian bloggers Journey. They are good at inspiring to stand at your own legs. Aksshit you have also done a good job for taking them in one place and motivating just people like me, who are just started their journey.

  8. Hey Aksshit,

    That’s an amazing List. In fact, I used to follow some of them. But many of them I didn’t heard about before I went through this list.
    So thanks for this update. I am a Digital Marketing Enthusiast and running my Own Start up. So I always keep on reading some nice Digital Marketing blogs. And your list added some more names to my Digital dictionary.


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