If you are a blogger or have just started blogging or even if you are thinking of blogging, you surely must have heard about SEO i.e. search engine optimization. SEO is a process which helps your blog or website. How? Search engine optimization means that your blog, website or content appears more on the search engines when someone is looking for the kind of content, product or service they are looking for.

Best SEO Tools of 2016

How does SEO works?

You use certain kind of words which are generally most used to search topics your content, blog or website is related to, and then when you continually used these words on content, the search engine recognizes your content and displays it as search result when those keywords are typed on any search engine, it can be Google, Yahoo or Bing. Now, well it looks very simple when you are just reading it, but it takes a lot of effort and work to actually get your content up on the search engines. Take note that all the content you write has to be quality content if you want your site to be at a good ranking on Google. Just trying to get your website up on search engines will not be a good sign for advertisements on your site. You can learn SEO with our other articles.

Nonetheless we know the importance of SEO and thus here are the various tools which might help you get your content search engine optimized.

Best SEO Tools

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Ahrefs $99/month  Try It
Screaming Frog $149/month  Try It

SEO Monitor

SEO monitor is a tool which helps you with tracking. It will monitor the ranking of your website on various search engines and will also reveal a lot of keywords from Google Analytics which will be helpful for your website.

Along with that, this SEO tool will also help you monitor your website’s overall visibility on the search engines according to the keywords you use and thus this will help you see if the things are going in the right direction.


SEO Monitor also has a super tight integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which will automatically map keywords and help in-goal conversion like email sign ups or affiliate clicks, or will also help in e-commerce conversions.

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This SEO tools also has a lot of other features which will help in measuring the impact of guest posts or mentions on other sites have the impact on search engine visibility of your site, also helps in keyword difficulty calculator. This tool will also help you with automatic keyword research and also a lot of many more tools.


SEMRush is another tool which you can use for SEO. There are around 68 different ways in which you can use this tool to improve your SEO results.

SEMrush Review

This tool allows one to target some peculiar target portions of his or her competitors campaigns.

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SEMRush also has the most beneficial keyword tools on the market which can help you build an entire social engine optimization campaign without you have to look for anything else apart from just this very tool.


This is one tool which can replace all of your other social engine optimization tools.

This one can do all of the things any other SEO tool can manage to do and thus you get a way to do everything with using just one tool, and ultimately save a lot of your spending on social engine optimization tools.

SERPed Review

This tool has just launched another version, so SERPed is also getting a lot more features and tools and you can use them just the way you want and thus optimize your content so that you can achieve higher rankings on various search engines.

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SEO Quake

This tool, SEO Quake is available as chrome and Firefox plugin and is the mini version of SEMRush and allows you to view all of your website’s important statistics without getting into a lot of drama.

SeoQuake Review

All you have to do is, download this simple toolbar and every time you go to a site, or you do a Google search you get a full report. This tool also allows you to adjust parameters so that you can get your results the way you want and only of those things you really want.

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MozBar is a really good tool and there are features which would motivate you to grab this tool. This tool has the link analysis feature a lot better than a lot of tools out there and also shows you statistics when you Google search.

This tool also gives you numbers like Spam Score and other details which will help you check out the quality of the link you are looking at.

MozBar Review

This tool is one another free tool which you can use along with other tools in order to have the best results for your website or content.

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Ahrefs is amongst the best backlink checkers and beats out a lot of other tools with huge margins.
In any business knowing your competitor is a very important aspect and thus this tool helps you out in checking your competitor’s backlinks and thus you can use or improve your website and stay ahead in the race.

This tool also has a lot of other handy features like content explorer, keyword explorer and other tools which help you monetize the SEO health of your website.

Ahrefs Review

This tool also helps you find out which keywords your competitors are using which turns out to be a huge advantage, and thus will not only give you a lot of extra keywords, but will also help you stay ahead in the race, which we know is very important.

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Screaming Frog

Just as the name suggests, this tool helps you find out the real information and does not waste your time in providing you other useless details.

ScreamingFrog Review

This tool helps you save a lot of time on site audits and all you have to do is to entire a site’s link and it will give you all of the information in need in just a few minutes.

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