How to Earn Money From Facebook Page in 2020

Once your page is created, you can invite people to like your page and follow it and also post whatever content you plan to post on the page.

Now, the next question, how will you monetize this page? You can use the following methods.

Methods to Earn Money From Facebook Page

1. In-stream Ads

Recently, when you check out videos on Facebook you will realize that there are certain ads that are played between the videos. These ads are called in-stream Ads. Facebook sells ads and to sell these ads it needs to place them somewhere and one such place is videos.

Earn money from facebook page

Just like one can earn money on YouTube by agreeing to let the company add ads at the beginning and pay you on the basis of viewership, Facebook has a similar model. Thus, you can create interactive videos, post them on your Facebook page and agree for in-stream Ads and allow your income to grow as and how your viewers grow.

How to get started within Stream Ads in your page :

Note : There are certain conditions for that a page must meet to be able to run in-stream ads in their videos :

  1. Pass and remain compliant with the policies of the Partner Monetization program. These policies can be found on the creators’ tools portal. These are general basic policies like maintaining community standards, sharing original content, avoiding systematic violations, etc.
  2. Publish videos from a page, not a profile, which has at least 10,000 followers.
  3. The page has to have generated at least 30,000 views that last for 1 minute on videos which are at least 3 minutes long. These views have to be generated in the last 60 days.
  4. The publisher has to be at least 18 years old, and
  5. The in-stream ads publishing should be eligible in the country. India is one of these eligible countries, the whole list can be found on the creators’ tools portal.

As a publisher, you get an option to select the placement of these ads. You can either let facebook select the placement by itself, which is the default mode or you can adjust these placements according to your preference. The placements are of three types, pre-roll, mid-roll and image ads.

2. Sell on Your Facebook Page

If you are not a content creator but a seller of goods, you can not only advertise your products on Facebook but also sell via it. A lot of small businesses have flourished by creating pages on Facebook and selling their products online.

 Earn Money From Facebook Page

Most people think that the only way they can sell online is by creating websites but that’s not true. In fact not only is creating a website a complicated process but managing one and gathering viewers on the website and converting them into customers is a time-consuming process and also has a long gestation period.

Not that this means creating a page for your goods on Facebook will increase sales from day one but you will have a higher viewership and a Facebook page is way easily managed than a website and is also free of cost. Even if you don’t sell a lot via Facebook, your presence on Facebook is important, it at least informs the people of your presence and the sort of products that you sell.

Facebook has now also set up a Facebook marketplace which is a specific place for business owners to sell their products and services. Maintaining the page and constantly updating the page with your latest business developments and offers is incredibly important to monetize the page and sell from it.

3. Collaborate with Brands

Collaborate with brands

The influence of social media today isn’t something anyone is unaware of. Social media has become the best way to reach people and thus influence them. A lot of big brands collaborate with influencers or pages/accounts with a lot of followers, to promote their goods and new collection.

An influencer is basically anyone with a huge following and someone whose posts have high traction and can gather the attention of the online crowd. One can be any sort of influencer one wishes to be, while most people think there are only fashion influencers, the influencer community is vast and has various varieties.

You can have a technology-related page or even have a page that focuses on being a book reviews or an artist who has a huge follower base and collaborates with many brands to promote products. One can even be a food blogger and collaborate with food brands. Brands love collaborating with good content creators and reaching their target audience in an indirect manner.

Become an influencer

It is basically using your skills, whatever they may be, to gather followers and reach a place where you have certain outreach to the masses. Then one can collaborate with brands and earn money. One might have noticed that certain influencers will offer you a code for extra discount on the products, this is basically a collaboration with the brands and earning money through your social media pages.

A lot of brands collaborate with pages who just have over 1000 followers as well. Think of the number of times you’ve chosen a particular brand because you had a heard about through social media or have seen in various ads, this is because of visibility. Visibility, when done well, leads to sales for brands and you as a creator, will provide visibility to brands.

Use your skills well, monetize them.

Let’s say you are good at cooking, use those skills, write blogs about cooking or make videos, monetize those videos by using ads or by collaborating with cooking brands.

Earning through social media is not very complicated if you are someone who can churn out good content on a regular basis. If you can make good tutorial videos or just funny videos, do that. The internet is hungry for content and the content platforms are hungry for content creators.

Create good content, monetize it and earn money even while not working. However, mind well, earning through content, takes time and is a gruesome process, but once you’ve reached the mark of enough viewers and subscribers, the only thing then you will have to worry about will be creating regular interactive content for your audience.

4. Affiliate Marketing (Earn Money From Facebook Page Without Investment)

Affiliate marketing with facebook page

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else’s product and making money via the commission that you get whenever a product is purchased through your link.

Let’s say you write about books, how do you earn via affiliate marketing?

Once you are done with your content, you can add the option to let your viewers click to a link and purchase the book via that link.

That link can lead them to Amazon, Flipkart or whatever market you’ve selected, directly to the product being talked about. All you have to do is get registered for the affiliate program with these websites which is a simple process.

Similarly, instead of books, you write on fashion or makeup, you can add links to these products and earn a commission when those products are purchased using your link.

A lot of people write about electronic products, this helps them earn higher commissions as the cost of these products are also higher. So whatever area you are writing or creating content on, you can add links and tabs to earn via affiliate marketing as well.

5. Sell likes and Shares (How to Earn Money From Facebook Page Likes)

earn money from facebook page like

Yes, you read that right. Likes and shares can be just more than a good feel factor on social media. A lot of big brands prefer their posts being liked and shared by people with high followers. This does two things for them:

  • Increase product credibility when liked by popular pages
  • Increase visibility.

How does it increase visibility you ask? Whenever a friend of yours likes something on Facebook, you generally see what is being liked. Similarly when a page or account with a lot of followers like a post, a lot of people see that something has been liked or even shared by the page/account.

Thus it increases visibility. Remember, here again, your viewers and followers define the worth of your like and share. How do you gain a lot of viewers and followers? By creating good and regular content. It is also important that you associate with the right kind of brands/pages.

A page that primarily writes or works around food liking fashion products will not create as much impact as against a food page liking and sharing posts by spices pages/brands or sharing a post related to the opening a new eatery or even sharing a post regarding new kitchen appliances. Knowing your audience and knowing the products and content your audience will positively react to is very important.

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