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Struggling with direct information on starting an Instagram blog? If you want to know How to Start an Instagram Blog without prior experience then this is a perfect guide for you. So without wasting your time, we come to the point.

Instagram bloggers with 15,000 engaged followers can make around $100 per sponsored post.


How to Start an Instagram Blog

How to Start an Instagram Blog in 6 Easy Steps

Before we go on into the reasons why you should have an Instagram blog, here are the steps on how you can start an Instagram Blog:

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Select a Niche for your Instagram Blog

While most lists will take the first step as getting an Instagram account, we would suggest you select a niche for your blog first. This will help you in getting ahead with the details of the blog with much ease, like selecting the user name, profile picture, bio, whether to keep the account private or public, should it be a professional account if it’s public etc.


Just like any blog, your Instagram blog should also be about something you care for.

Make sure you start something you care about and not just something which earns you a lot of followers quickly because eventually you will fizzle out. While most people think blogs on Instagram can only be about something which will allow you to post aesthetically pleasing posts, like travel, photography, food or fashion, that isn’t true anymore.

More and more people now use Instagram as a space to share much more than just photos. You will see a lot of writing blogs, poetry blogs, personal finance blogs, business, health, news etc. You will also see unique blogs like grammar blogs which focus on helping people use better grammar. 

You will also see big companies now selling via the Instagram marketplace or even launching their new collection on Instagram. Thus, for whatever reasons you may have decided or are just thinking about starting a blog, you will be able to fulfill the purpose if you do enough research and keep yourself updated.

Just remember one thing, always blog about what you are passionate about and not something which will get you popularity.

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Get an Instagram Account

Just like on most other social media platforms, creating an Instagram account is free and doesn’t take more than 5 mins. You can create an account on Instagram using your email id, facebook account or even your phone number.


Here are the steps to get an Instagram account:

Step 1: Download the Instagram app from GooglePlay or AppStore depending on whether you are using an android device or an iOS. You can also just sign up through Instagram.com.

How to Start an Instagram Blog

Step 2: Signup using Email, Facebook, or Mobile Number, whichever is the most convenient for you. If you use an email id or phone number, make sure they are active as you will get a verification code on them.

Step 3: While Signing up you will be asked to enter a username. Remember, the username is representative of your blog and should be suggestive of the type of content or your brand.

Most people prefer having their names as username, but for people with common names, the username may not be available without the use of an underscore (_), period (.) or some numbers. If you are not sure about the username, it’s okay, Instagram allows you to change your user name whenever you want.

How to Start an Instagram Blog
My Fashion Instagram Profile – AksshitWadhwa

Step 4: You will be given the option to have a public or private profile. A public profile allows anyone to follow you, no permission request is sent and the content you have shared is visible to anyone who visits your profile.

On the other hand, when you have a private profile, for anyone to follow you, a request is sent to you and only when you accept the request will the content you have shared be visible to the follower.

Note : Since you are creating this account with the purpose of starting a blog, it is better to have a public blog. If you have a public blog, Instagram also allows you to choose if it’s a professional profile.

Step 5: A professional profile allows you to add a category to your profile which is displayed under your username on your profile.

The professional profile option also allows you to add contact options.

The main benefit of a professional account is that Instagram shows you important insights for each of your posts. These insights include statistics like:

  • Number of times your posts have been shared via direct message
  • Number of times it has been saved by someone
  • Number of profile visits via the post
  • The number of accounts reached and the percentage of these accounts that weren’t your followers
  • Impressions (the number of times your content was shown to users) which are further categorized into impressions from home, profile, and other.

Once you have set up the account, it is time to personalize the account.

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Add a Profile Picture and a Bio

instagram profile and bio

Instagram gives you the option to add a profile picture to your account which is displayed in the upper left hand corner of your profile page and has a circular shape.

You can select any photo you want but it is advisable to have a photo that clearly shows your face when cropped in the profile photo format, especially if you have a private account.

A clear profile picture helps people identify the account and makes it easier for them to send a follow request.


Instagram is pretty flexible and just like the username; it allows you to change your profile picture (and also bio) as many times you want.

Instagram also gives you the option to add a bio. The bio is basically a brief description of your profile, in this case of your blog.

The bio has a character limit of 150. Generally people write something about themselves or some quote.

Your bio should be catchy and intriguing, making people want to check out the rest of your blog.

Your bio and profile picture gives your potential followers a peak into the type of content you will have, especially when you don’t have a lot of posts.

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Take Pleasing Images / Create Attractive Images

instagram pleasing photos

Instagram at its essence is a picture and video sharing platform and the visual appearance of the blog matters.

Depending on the type of blog that you have decided to go with, it is advisable you take some pictures and stock them up so that you can use them once you are ready to post.

Experiment with different sorts of photos you would want to use if you have a blog which is essentially more dependent on visuals.


It might also help to learn basic photography skills and also a little editing. Remember, don’t over-process your pictures, try posting pictures in the standard Instagram square size, and don’t use too many filters.

If you have a writing blog, instead of just focusing on the captions, you can have an excerpt of the caption in the form of a quote in the picture.

You can create pictures with the text on it very easily with the number of amazing, easy to use and free apps available both on the play store and the app store.

With blogs which have a focus on words more than pictures, it is important that you remain consistent with the sort of text placement, the picture background and the font you use.

You are essentially creating a brand and you want it to be recognizable and it is important you stay consistent.

Now, of course you can change your mind and may want to improve on things eventually, that is fine.

What is important is not to change too rapidly. Remember the post should be clear, easy to read as well as please.

Don’t use fonts which are too difficult to read and don’t settle for an entirely basic manner of presenting one as well. Also remember, don’t overstuff a picture with words.

If you have ever used Instagram, people scroll through most of the stuff and if the post (the picture, not the caption) is filled with too many words, quite a number of your followers might just scroll through.

It is advisable before you start posting that you experiment with certain styles and then settle on one.

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Have a few Captions Ready in Advance

instagram caption

While the character limit for caption is 2200, your blog doesn’t have to have that many words to tell a story.

Many times it is better to have short and crisp captions. Long or short, make sure you are grammatically correct.


You don’t have to use fancy words, even simple language can be thought-provoking, just try being yourself and avoid clicks.

Remember to add hashtags at the end of your captions. Hashtags help more people get into your account as all the posts on public accounts using these hashtags can be found at one place when someone searches for these hashtags or clicks on one.

Make sure you use relevant hashtags and also do not use too many of them. Instagram gives you a 30 hashtag limit, but you don’t have to use all of them.

Hashtags make your blog more discoverable and are important to reach a new audience and grow your follower list.

It is important that you have photos and captions ready in stock as consistency with posting is important. Too many posts at once or infrequent posting is not advisable. Try maintaining a posting frequency.

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Next Steps

Once you follow through on the steps above, you have your Instagram blog ready.

Once you have enough posts that allow you to look at insight metrics provided by Instagram to professional accounts, you can get an idea of the age group and the demographics of your followers.

These insights will also help you with getting an idea of what type of content posted by you had more reach and reactions and which content did, thus helping you decide which type of content to focus on.


Follow profiles that are related to your niche, this will help you stay updated with the sort of posts other bloggers are posting and also with the latest trends.

Comment on other users’ posts and also like other posts, this is a way of interacting with the community and will help you gain followers for yourself.

Once you gain over a few thousands of followers, you can also monetize via your blog. Some ways of earning money through Instagram are creating sponsored posts, using affiliate marketing, selling your own products and services etc.


Instagram Blogging Tips: Easy to Follow

  • Choose a relevant user name for your Instagram blog
  • Don’t start a multi-niche Instagram blog focusing on one niche
  • Use quality photos and videos
  • Use relevant hashtags according to your niche and also don’t overuse them.
  • Add your location when you post photos and videos.
  • Reply to each comment and engage with your audience.
  • Use Instagram slides show
  • Post stories and images consistently
  • Go live and talk with your audience at least once a week.
  • Post at relevant times when your audience is very active.


Final Takeaways

Remember, getting a lot of followers takes time and you have to be patient with the process.

Don’t expect to have 1000 followers in one day, unless you are a celebrity of some sort. During the initial period, you will have to follow a lot of pages and people for your page to get in the highlight and for people to be aware of your page.

Post stories and try creating interactive content so that your followers stick around, this is where consistency is important.

If you don’t post often or post too much, your followers might get disinterested in following you. 

Remember, don’t try to get followers by purchasing likes and followers.

Artificially inflating the numbers will not lead you to genuine growth in engagement and also most brands can easily figure out if your followers are real or fake.

I hope now your all doubt will clear on how to start an Instagram blog also if you find this post useful please share on social media with your friends and tell me in the comment section if you getting any problem. I will personally help you.