How to Reduce Bounce Rate of a Website in 2020

Blogging is one of the best methods to present your view. So Now I’m sharing you some tips on How to Reduce Bounce Rate of a Website. There is also a huge concept about how to blog, regarding visitors, behavior, SEO. Everyone has its own view of these contexts.

But one of the greatest things which are needed in blogging is the content you’re writing is beneficial for readers or not. People are taking an interest in you or your writing or not.

This is the first thing to you have to check and then grow. The big problem with blogging is about increasing bounce rate.

Many bloggers are also not aware of this. The bounce rate can lead to your reputation decline. It simply means that visitors did not find valuable content on your site so he doesn’t want to read other content on your site and quit after one page.

This is taken seriously by the search engine and your SERP can be down due to this. This is also a reason for low earnings by Adsense or other advertiser groups.

Factors Affecting Bounce Rate of a Website

There are many factors that decide your Bounce rate. Some of these are:

Quality of Visitors

Remember one thing quantity can decrease quality. If you want large traffic for your blog then it can increase the bounce rate because for large traffic you build many inappropriate backlinks and done many link exchanges.

This can damage your quality. Always try to build reputed visitors. I also agree that large traffic is necessary for the survival of the blog but for this, we don’t underestimate quality.

Behavior  Towards Bots

Bots are generally used by many search engines to fetch content and links as well as many spammers also use these tools to grow down a blog. Keep strict rules against Bots and try to avoid spam Bots.

You can do this in blogger by robots.txt file and for WordPress many plug-ins are available.

Content Quality

As said earlier always ask yourself whether your content is useful for a reader or not. If it is useful then write otherwise move to the next topic.

This helps you to judge your quality. If your newbie one of the best ways to increase your quality is reading. Try to read more and more content of other pro bloggers and try to copy their style, not content.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress

I talked about Factor influencing Bounce Rate now we talk about the biggest issue on how to fix it. I have read the opinion of many pro-bloggers and came to the conclusion that no-one can really make your bounce rate percentage zero but you can use some tactics to lower down your bounce rate. This will help your growing need. Here are some of the tips that I think is essential:

Internal linking

It is the best method to decrease your bounce rate. I had written many posts then try to link them with one another. Suppose you have a category of Android and you have written more posts in this category then link that post together with matching keyword.

This will enhance your traffic as well as help you to maintain bounce rate but don’t grow fake internal linking like linking those keywords which don’t have any relation with the linked keyword.

Quality Backlink

If your blog niche is blogging then try to build backlink in blogging niche blog because the visitors viewing those blogs are interested to view that kind of post.

Suppose you make a backlink in health blog then visitors of that blog are not too interested in your writing so they don’t view your blog thoroughly.

This will decrease your traffic leading to an increased bounce rate. Also, try to build backlink in reputed blogs with high PR.

Related Post

If you don’t have any related post plug-in than you’re lacking a lot. It will help your visitor to found more content related to their interest resulting in more page views and decrease bounce rate.

Some coding of JavaScript really makes a difference. If you don’t aware of coding then try websites like Linkwithin or OutBrain which provide these services to meet up your requirements.

For WordPress, there are many plugins available that will help you in doing this.


Always try to keep updated yourself what is doing in the present. People like to read those articles which are happening in the present. You can co-relate your article with the past to make it more interesting.

If you want to know what is trending nowadays then go to Reddit or Blogging community and find that. Know if people find one article useful then they can become your regular readers.


In all the above article How to Reduce Bounce Rate of a Website, I tried to provide all those helpful points which can reduce your Bounce Rate. Form past to present. If you think I missed any point then add in your view in comments. It is well appreciated by me. Thanks for Reading.

Aksshit Wadhwa

Hi I'm Aksshit Wadhwa, pursuing BCA, and a proficient Website Designer, Blogger, Marketer who manages several sites including to help newbies understanding the concept about blogging and being an expert in the industry. Now in 2018, I've also started my own Fashion Blog - and I'm now a Fashion Influencer too. (Read More...)

3 Responses to “How to Reduce Bounce Rate of a Website in 2020”

  1. Benny says:

    Yup these are the best know factors that affect Bounce rate a big time. Internal linking is yes indeed the best way to keep the visitor engaged on your website for more time to reduce bounce rate per visitor

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Internal linking and a related posts plugin are certainly a great way to reduce the bounce rate.

  3. @Akshit
    what the main factor is the Quality Post . if a user queries something and gets to your blog via google search and does’t found the exact or useful solution then he might check the related post or something else.
    What Affect the first time user is the quality and depth of the we must try to give out proper quality post along with suitable view and other things.

    Well Today i came across your Blog and Really Inspired by the way you make your place in this Vast Blogging Industry.
    Worked with Jitendra, Anil And preet. Good Luck Bro


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