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Hey guys today I m sharing a tip to increase your blog traffic using justretweet. Many persons want traffic from Twitter but some of them get problem while getting traffic from it. My friend is also getting this problem that he is not getting traffic from Twitter. So Today I will tell you how you can increase traffic to your blog  with  JustRetweet.

What is JustRetweet

JustRetweet is a social sharing platform that will help you get more retweets, Facebook likes and Google Plus Ones blog posts about other members of your development using our credit your content. No doubt that Twitter / Facebook / Google + can make to your content and get more traffic there. More evidence that social Especially if you publish a great, quality content. Effect is twofold: to get more exposure to your content, but you probably get new Twitter followers. So lets we start the steps of  increase your blog traffic using  justretweet.

How to Use JustRetweet

  1. First go to
  2. Now Click on Sign In with Twitter Button.increase traffic with justretweet
  3. Then your Twitter Account will authorize with JustRetweet. (if you want to seriously want to  increase blog traffic with twitter then do it.)
  4. Now Click on Submit Tweet Button in Menu Bar.increase traffic with justretweet
  5. Now Submit the Tweet you want to Share with other in Tweet Box.increase traffic with justretweet
  6. Then Type How many credits you want to give for one share.increase traffic with justretweet
  7. Now Type How many times you want to promote your Tweet.increase traffic with justretweet
  8. Now Select Social Networks on which you want to share your Tweet and Also type minimum numbers of Twitter followers to promote your Tweet(Use 0 for 100%).increase traffic with justretweet
  9. Now Select the category and Click on Submit Button.increase traffic with justretweet
  10. Now your Tweet is Successfully Posted. Now Enjoy!!!
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How to Earn JustRetweet Credits for Free

  1. First of all go to JustRetweet Dashboard.increase traffic with justretweet
  2. Then Scroll Down and See the Tweets. There will be many tweets.
  3. See in Screenshot that the Tweet is giving 50 credits for one share.increase traffic with justretweet
  4. Now Click on any of Social Network button is in the Tweet.increase traffic with justretweet
  5. You will Get 50 credits for it in your Account.
  6. Do it when you have less credits in your account and get more traffic.

Now Increase your Blog Traffic using JustRetweet guide is over If you have any problem in  doing these steps then see the video or comment below. From these guide you can also  increase site traffic.

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