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After taking Interview of Siddharth Bagga this is the second interview on my blog but this is then interview of first blogger “Interview With Pradeep Kumar” from Slashsquare. He is CEO and Founder of Hellbound Bloggers and he have a better knowledge and expert in Blogging. Just check his blog once you will definitely like the articles that he had written and you will also like his blog design. It’s unique and attractive to the readers.

1. First Introduce About Your Blog and Yourself ?

Hi all, this is Pradeep Kumar. I’m the CEO & Founder of Slashsquare, a Blog Network and Web Consulting Media. I’m a fun loving guy, movie freak, internet marketer, atheist and a proud Indian.

2. How you Started Blogging and When?

I started my first casual blog during my school days (almost 7 to 8 years back) and then my official blogging journey started with HellBound Bloggers (HBB) on 2009. After that I took Blogging seriously and I understood its power. Rest is history. I’m glad I started blogging earlier, I was easily able to understand the various stages of blogging.

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3. What Problem you Face in Your Blogging Career?

Explaining my profession to my parents and my friends, it was not really easy for me to say “I’m a Blogger” to them. It’s not like they’ll ask back what’s blogging, it’s more like whether they’ll understand it or not. So I’ll explain them properly, maybe like “I’m running a Web Development Business” or something like that. Mostly I’ll tell frankly that I’m a Blogger but I’ll use such alternatives if they don’t understand it. 😛

Apart from that I never really faced any big problem because I started to blog without knowing the fact that I can make money out of it.

4. What you Think Before Starting Blogging?

For my first blog? I didn’t really think about anything. I created a blog just like I would create an email address, thanks to Google’s Blogger. But for my first official blog (HBB), I was actually confused, because it was a big step for me since I purchased a domain name ( and started to blog. I needed to explain to my dad why I asked for my credit card. 😛

5. Who is your Mentor?

I don’t really have anyone has my mentor but I do follow every passionate blogger, each and every update of theirs matters a lot to me. I follow how they update, how they respond, how they promote, etc.

6. Can You Share Some of Your Strategies from Which You Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Facebook groups and Quora are the recent good traffic sources for my blog network. Help people, provide them useful content and meanwhile, add your own content as well. If they like your work, they’ll automatically read more posts from your blog.

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7. Share Some Info About Slashsquare?

Slashsquare is like a hub for all my blogs, like a connecting network. I started Slashsquare to represent for my current blogs and upcoming blogs. As of now we have HellBound Bloggers (HBB), HostLater, MoviesDrop, and DeviceBAR. Slashsquare is also a web consulting media where we provide web services for private companies and individuals.

8. What are Your Future Plans?

As of now, I have plans to expand our blog network and make it a medium for valuable information. Apart from that I have been brainstorming about several projects, hopefully it should come live within 2015 or so.

9. A Tip to Newbies About Blogging?

Tips to newbies? Well, if you want to be successful then always ask a successful blogger about his life’s ups and downs during his Blogging Journey. See that as a motivation or inspiration. Never see a failed blogger, who might have tried his best, but failed since his only motive would have been making money.

10. How You Liked Our Blog?

Started to bookmark some valuable posts. Personally love its minimalist look. All the best. 🙂

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