If you a someone who regularly uses internet, by now you surely know what SEO (Social Engine Optimisation) is and how important it is for all the websites these days. It is all more important when you are a blogger or someone who creates content for websites. Neither is working on SEO and nor is it avoidable. There are a lot of tools or websites available online which claim to be helping you with SEO and giving you tips or words to use which would enhance your website’s or blog’s visibility. However, one tool which has over time proved itself to be useful and worth spending time on SEMrush.

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush was started out in the year 2008 by a small group of people who were either SEO specialists or IT specialists who had one mission, to make online competition fair and transparent, which would provide everyone an equal opportunity. After 7 years of persistence and various experiments, SEMrush has been able to become a platform which gives them edge over competitors and provide valuable research services to everyone who is willing to avail their services.

According to Wikipedia, SEMrush has employed over 200 specialists and is spread across 4 countries, USA, Russia, Czech Republic and Cyprus. The company has 29 databases available in for 27 regions in 17 different languages.

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What services SEMRush  provides?

The services provided by SEMrush are wide. The first being providing analytics report. The various kinds of reports offered are Organic research, Advertising research, Display advertising, Video advertising research, Backlinks, keyword research tool and Product listing ads. The various tools offered by the company include keyword difficulty, domain comparisons, charts, and all your website related report in one PDF file. It also works on projects such as position tracking, site audit, social media tool, brand monitoring and SEO ideas.

Keyword research tool is extremely important. Just writing good content won’t get you good visitors or help you grow your website. As important as it is creating good content, it is equally important to come into the social engine radar and this is where SEMrush helps you. It helps you identify the write kind of words to put up in your article or blog which will ultimately get you up on the SEO radar.

Social Engine Marketing is extremely vital and its importance cannot be reduced, every serious blogger or social media marketer is looking for tools which would help them make their site popular and more searched for. As you are reading this, SEMrush has more than 46 lakh domains and more than 1200 lakh keywords in their database.
SEMrush will give you an access to all the keywords for which any existing page across the web is ranking. Not just words, but it will also provide you detailed statistical information about specific keywords and related keywords which you can rank for.

The results by SEMrush will give you detailed analysis on a variety of things and not just keyword. Some of those include information include Pos (Keyword’s position), volume, Cost per click for a keyword, URL, Com and a number of search engine results. It will also tell you about the trend around a keyword, whether the following is still intact or it is dying.  SEMrush not only tells you about your own website, but it also gives you certain information about your competitors’ website.

Why is SEMRush  tool necessary?

Position tracking

As already mentioned, just creating good content is not enough to make your website grow, it is important that you use the right keywords. If you think just knowing the keywords is enough, no  you are wrong. The positioning of the keywords matter a lot and their ranking as well. I’m going to share stats of one of my tech blog in the screenshots i.e Technothek.com

Semrush Position Tracking

You will have to find out the keywords which have a high-ranking and will also have to position them in a way where they optimise your results and this is where SEMrush comes to help. It will give you instant access so that you can easily check your keywords ranking. The tool automatically checks the ranking of your keywords every single day and thus you will not have to worry about ranking going down as you will have clear results in front of your eyes.

Semrush Position Tracking Keywords

Domain Comparison

Be it any business, in order to sustain for long-term, you have to be better than your competitors. In order to be better than your competitors, you firstly have to know all about you’re them. Social media marketing is no different and thus here is where you will find SEMrush to be the most helpful.

The tool gives you a list of all the keywords along with their monthly volume, CPC, trend and that way you can figure out where your keywords stand when you compare them with your competitors.

Estimating traffic on your website

Checking how much traffic does your website is the only way you will come to know how long do you still have to achieve your final goals. SEMrush helps you with this in a very easy way, all you have to do is login into your Analytics account and know all about the traffic growth and details you need to know.

Not only will it tell you about the traffic on your website but it will also provide you insight about the traffic on your competitor’s website. The best part is the accuracy of the results which are provided by SEMrush.

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The Cost and Value

There is always a cost and value relationship between everything you buy and own. Thus, you pay a price for something when you know it will bring value. Now depending on the kind of value you desire, SEMrush provides you three different kinds of plans.


The first is the SEMRush Pro Plan which is offered at $69.95 monthly, the second is the SEMRush Guru Plan which is offered at $149.95 monthly and the last is the SEMRush Business Plan which is offered at $549.95 monthly. How do you decide the right plan? Well it totally depends on the kind of services you need which are clearly defined out on their website.

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