SEO Tips and Tricks

Today search engine optimization has become the Internet. So today I want to share SEO tips and tricks for beginners with you for an amateur.

But before that, if you do the optimization of your blog, be careful. For (SEO) search engine optimization in 2014 with most new Blogger.

Just want to make money in less time, novices but they do not know the importance of this magic machine. To begin with, a passion for blogging for the same day and no one would be rich.

Anyone can become popular and technology in their lives, but slight. So be passionate. But do not worry, because today I’m going to share the latest  SEO tips and tricks 2014.

7 SEO Tips and Tricks of Beginners

1. Content is King

It is a fact that content is king, because if you want to write a story long before anyone read it. Indeed, if you want a professional blogger to be, then you have to write good articles.

If you write a unique article and your readers can find information on it. A good amount of traffic

2. Short Title Knowledgeable

Short title but the experience is the most important factor blogging. Because SEO tips point should be 40-60 words. For more SEO, you can include the name of the main focus. So it is not easy to take this point.

3. Density Policy Number

Key role in the most important SEO. Because you know that if you do something that can keep track of how you can deal with it. So here preserved the keyword.

You can use the keywords in the 2-3% of the total of the post. For example, you have a post on 400 words, you can use 8-9 keywords in the full post. I m also applying these SEO tips and tricks to promote the website.

4. Getting Your Content

Before some days I read an article about ‘Blogging Tips for 2014 “. From that article, I learned one thing, and this thing is to gather the URL webmasters., I get my content. Using this strategy, you may find in google webmaster URL of your blog

5. Use Long Tail Keywords

Word of the modern internet if you do not use long tail keywords rather than under full engine you can find. Good results in the search engines Long Tail keywords are very important these days because of all the bloggers.

So try to use keywords for the best results in search engines. Too long tail

6. Use Proper Heading Tag

Honestly friends these days when the attractive appearance of the message your artistic content, then it is true that you are the king of search engines. So try to H1, H2 and h3 use your content.

7. Links Internal

With the help of the inter-linking can do. SEO Strong of your blog Some think that beginner’s internal links work? Friends can link from one post to another job is to provide internal links.

And with the help of internal links can increase. Bounce rate. Try the best links inside your article to get affordable search engine optimization.