Siteground Black Friday Deal 2020: Special Discounts on Web Hosting

Looking for investing in web hosting plans for your website? You must check out multiple the Black Friday Sale 2020 deals and discounts that multiple hosting platforms are offering.

And yes if you are looking for Best SiteGround Black Friday Deal, then you were at right place. SiteGround Black Friday deal is Live now.

While Black Friday Sale is a boon for all the website builders who want to purchase a Webhosting plan, it can also make the purchase confusing because all the plans by different providers are available at such amazing prices.

Now, since almost all hosting providers become affordable, cost should no longer be the deciding factor in your web hosting plan purchase.

In this particular post, we have decided to review Siteground and the discount that it is providing on its web hosting plans during Black Friday Sale 2019.

What Is The Special Deal For Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2020?

Siteground Black Friday Deal 2020

On the fourth Friday of November 2020, Siteground will be offering a big discount on its shared hosting plan.

While the hosting plans offered by the company normally start with the price of $3.95 per month, this Black Friday sale, you can avail of the offers at a great discount.

Activate SiteGround Black Friday Deal

How do you avail of this deal?

Simply log into SiteGround Web Hosting and avail the special discount, this Black Friday Sale.

Before we dive into further details, lets know a little about Siteground. It is important to understand and know the company that you decide on the web hosting plan with.

It is important for a very simple reason, your website is only up and visible when your web hosting plan and the provider is active.

For your website to be useful, it has to be active, for it to be active, your web hosting provider has to be steady and reliable. In order to judge the performance of your web hosting provider, it is necessary that you know a little about the provider at first.

About SiteGround

Established in 2004 in Sofia Bulgaria, SiteGround is a web hosting provider company. It was founded by Ivo Tzenov.

The company is registered in four different countries, USA, UK, Bulgaria, and Spain, and has datacenter locations all around the world. It employs more than 500 people. As of now, the company hosts more than 1.8 million domains worldwide.

The services offered by SiteGround include Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Enterprise Hosting, Domain Names and Student Hosting.

Hosted Applications offered by SiteGround:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Magento Hosting
  • Drupal Hosting
  • PrestaShop Hosting

SiteGround is also the officially recommended hosting provider by WordPress.

Siteground Pricing Plans

The company offers you three different types of web hosting plans for you to choose from depending on your business needs. The three plans are:

  • StartUp
  • GrowBig
  • GoGeek
Site Ground Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 4

The details of these plans are as follows:

Siteground Black Friday StartUp Hosting

As the name suggests, this plan is the company’s basic plan offering and is thus the cheapest. This is ideal for people who just starting with their websites, new bloggers and even new startups with website traffic under 10,000.

Under the StartUp plan, the user gets to host one website, gets 10 GB disk space, 2GB mailbox space and 500 MB database.

If you are new customer, you can get the trial plan at $3.95 per month, however if you subscribe for the first time for longer time durations, say 12, 24 or 36 months, you get an overall discount, thus reducing the per month cost of your web hosting.

Siteground Black Friday GrowBig Hosting

This is the secondary plan offered by the company, which offers features in addition to the StartUp plan.

Under the GrowBig plan, the subscriber can host unlimited websites instead of just one, gets storage of 20 GB instead of 10 GB, can handle website visitors up to 25,000 instead of just 10,000 and has a database size of 750 MB instead of 500 MB.

The GrowBig plan is ideal for growing bloggers and business websites which have high traffic or high growth, this way the plan can accommodate the growing visitors.

Just like the startup plan, you get a free trial at $5.95 per month and then depending on the time duration for which you will be purchasing the hosting plan, i.e 12, 24 or 36 months, the plans will cost you $5.95 per month.

Siteground Black Friday GoGeek

The last plan offered by the company is GoGeek plan which is ideal for big business websites and blogs which have regular heavy traffic.

This plan has the most advanced features and offers the user a significant upgrade from the other two plans.

Just like the GrowBig plan, you can host an unlimited number of websites with this plan, no limitations.

For the storage part, you get memory space of 30 GB instead of 10 GB, the database size is 1 GB instead of 750 MB, and the website under this hosting plan can handle visitors up to 100,000.

The GoGeek plan is available at the monthly rate of $11.95, however, when purchasing an annual or a plan for higher duration, the company offers a discount.

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Websites that expect heavy traffic, need to have host plans which can handle the traffic. You don’t want your website crashing because of heavy traffic, this will just nullify your whole hard work of gaining more visitors.

So depending on your needs and traffic, you should decide the web hosting plan and not on the basis of the cost.

However, if you are a newbie and are just starting out, it may be wise to invest comparatively less and settle for the StartUp or GrowBig plan and then eventually move to the GoGeek plan as the website visitor traffic increases.

Why SiteGround Hosting?

Site Ground Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 2

As we have said earlier, your decision on which hosting provider should be used shouldn’t depend just on the cost. Costs can be incredibly competitive, but what sets a web hosting provider apart is the sort of services and support it provides to its customers.

So, while the 75% discount provided by SiteGround, this Black Friday Sale, is very tempting, here are the other key reasons why you should choose SiteGround.

Pros and Cons of Siteground Hosting

SiteGround Pros:

  1. Fast Loading Speed

As a general webserver, we hate websites that take a lot of time to load and are slow. Thus, as website builders, we are aware of how important loading speed is and that the web hosting providers have to be chosen carefully.

Fast Loading speed is an important SEO factor. SiteGround uses new innovative technology like NGINX Server, Super cache technology and SSD storage technology.

  1. Reliable Uptime Guarantee

You have your website for a reason, you want your business or blog to stay up all the time. SiteGround offers you a 99.997% uptime guarantee, this means that there will be no downtime.

Zero downtime or maximum uptime also impacts your SEO score and thus, your web hosting provider should make sure there is very minimal downtime.

  1. 24*7 Customer support

Whether you are newbie setting up a website for the first time or an experienced professional, you need to ensure that you have strong customer support from your web hosting provider.

Why? Because technical glitches are unforeseeable and even a minor glitch can cause an issue with the website. You need someone who can guide you through such glitches if in case they arise.

SiteGround provides 24*7 round the clock customer support. The response is always fast, helpful and effective.

The support provided are of three kinds and you can choose one on the basis of your comfort, ticket support, SiteGround chat support, and phone call support. You need relentless and reliable support and this company provides exactly that.

  1. Tight Security and Free SSL

The free SSL certificate should be enough points for the security aspect for web hosting provider, however, there is more. SiteGround believes that security of customer data is very important.

The company uses a malware detection technology to prevent your website from hackers and works relentlessly to make sure your website is safe.

The safety of your website is of utmost importance to you and SiteGround realizes this and makes safety of your work its priority.

The free SSL certificate gives you Https, which is important for SEO and also for protection of the visitor data.

  1. SSD Storage Technology

Data backup and storage is incredibly important for anyone who has a website, whether for blogging or business. SiteGround uses SSD Storage Technology, which is faster and more reliable than HDD storage technology.

Not only SDD technology more reliable and faster, but also boosts your website performance and speed.

Storing your data correctly is of utmost importance and that is what SiteGround takes care of, for you.

  1. Daily Backup

Hate taking regular backups? Don’t worry, SiteGround takes back up daily, so incase you forget or are just lazy, your web hosting provider is doing the work for you, so you don’t have to worry.

You do not want to lose your content which has been curated carefully and with a lot of hard work, determination and patience to ever be lost and that is why backup should always be created.

While other web hosting providers also provide daily backup services, but for a charge, whereas SiteGround provides you the daily backup facility for free.

So your data is safe and all backed up, daily and for free, what else do you need!

  1. User friendly C-panel

SiteGround offers you one click WordPress installation. While most web hosting providers claim easy installation, however, more often than not, it is not true. Installing WordPress C-panel isn’t easy and the process can be very complicated.

However, SiteGround offers you one-click installation and is very easy to use. Also, if you face any issue regarding installation, the SiteGround support team will take care of the whole installation.

  1. Free CloudFare

SiteGround has four data centres across the globe, in United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Netherland.

Based on your location and the location of your target audience, you can choose which data centre do you want your website to be associated with.

SiteGround has partnered with cloud flare and provides free CDN (Content Delivery Network) to their customer, this is where the different locations of the data centers comes in handy and useful.

  1. Free Migration

Last but not the least, SiteGround offers free migration to its new customers. The ease of migration is an important factor to consider when you want to move to a new web hosting provider.

The SiteGround team not only offers you free migration but also offers you complete support. All you have to do is request the migration with them, give them necessary details and permissions, and the rest is taken care of by the company.

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SiteGround Cons: 

  1. Limited Data Storage

The caps on the data that you can store is quite low on the shared hosting plans. While the reasoning behind this is strong that since the servers are shared and no one should be able to exploit the policy. The heavier data that users put, the slower the loading time.

However, the data storage limits range from 10 GB to 30 GB, while these maybe enough for text based websites, for websites with heavy images or videos these storage limits may not be enough and may be a cause for concern.

Conclusion of Siteground Black Friday

While the facilities provided by SiteGround are lucrative enough to lure you into purchasing web hosting with them, the fact that the company is offering you a discount of 75% this Black Friday Sale, makes the web hosting provider even more irresistible!

FAQ’s of Siteground Black Friday Deal

What is Siteground Black Friday?

Siteground offers 75% off on Black Friday deals. so don’t miss the chance and grab hosting. Siteground hosting is best for beginners and siteground is famous for its speed and good quality customer support.

Which is Best A2 Hosting or Siteground?

Both are good hosting but I personally recommend you if you started out your blogging journey then siteground is best for you because their quality and support are awesome.

Does SiteGround Offer a Free Domain?

No siteground is not offer any free domain you have to pay extra money for buying a domain name.

Siteground Black Friday Deal 2020: Special Discounts on Web Hosting
siteground black friday

Looking for investing in web hosting plans for your website? You must check out multiple the Black Friday Sale 2020 deals and discounts that multiple hosting platforms are offering.

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