The one of the best method which I use nowadays and really liked it. I knew about this method but didn’t tried it anywhere and last week I think to try it and I got the best results ever and the thing is that it is too Easy to do that is Steal Competitors Backlinks.

Steal Competitors Backlinks to Rank

Do you know Which Method it is?

— Steal Competitors Backlinks ;) —

What things we want to Rank?

  • Your Blog
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Competitor Analysis

There are both free/paid tools for backlinking. You can use any but I will teach with the Free one because everyone wants to save money as much as they can.

Steal Competitors Backlinks to Rank

So Here the Stealing Starts:

steal competitors backlinks

Collect Top Results

What you have to do first is find link but for that you want to know your keyword on which you want to rank. Google your keyword and Collect the top results.

Make a note for that Links it will be easy to check backlinks for each site. Now we have to checkout the links in the Backlinks Checker to steal them. hehehehe

Find the Backlinks

To find backlinks of top results you have to use a free/paid backlink checker software. But while checking from backlinks checker software there is problem that all the checkers have a  different database. WHY?

It’s because all of them have their own updating policy.

The Backlink Checker Tools

After a lot of checking/analyzing I got the top backlinks checkers.

1. Ahrefs:  Backlinks are updated after every 30mins and this tool is known as the Best Live Backlinks Tool Checker as it provide the live data.

2. Majestic SEO: I have a little history of Majestic SEO, but are always one of the top players in connection with the number of backlinks they offer.

3. SEMRush: It allows to get the main backlinks of your competitor and measure of the traffic.

4. Open Site Explorer:  It is provided as Moz suite of SEO tools particularly because they do not control the capture database is not anywhere near the size of others.

5. Moz:  Updates month 1, when the DA (Domain Authority) has been predicted as one aspect of the situation. But not suitable for analysis.

How to use Ahrefs to steal competitor backlinks?

First you have to create your Ahrefs Account and daily you can search 3 websites/blog with your account. So don’t use it unnecessary.

Now Click on the Site Explorer Link and enter your competitor website/blog url. Now click on Search Links. For example I will use and I know Neil will not have any problem with it.


Ola, you got the Result. WOW! But now it’s not the end. Here you only get all the data about your competitor blog but by this you can compete  him/her. So for that you have to check backlinks of blog. So here we go


Now hover your mouse on “Inbound Link” menu link and then Click on the “Links” link. Now you can see the backlinks of your competitor. See below in image–>


Go to the links where your competitor commented and you also comment there.

Simply it’s a way of how you can easily Steal Competitors Backlinks. Easy and fun super outranking your opponents. Replicating the same way, and you’re ready to get some serious money. $$$$$

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So when you – one of my favourite link building tactics that has stood the test of time and algorithm updates. It is easy to make and you can take advantage of free tools to get started.

No need to read the spin or complicated software – it’s perfect for anyone new to SEO and link building. The result will be that all your competitors backlinks top 10 position one on your site.

This link building strategy I often use the new sites before making or something else, and if you’re not the first page rankings, it is the perfect base to take advantage of some of the natural.

PS– I  am still a learner. Keep teaching me lessons for life.

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