Step by Step Guide to Guest Posting

Have you heard so much about how effective guest posting is for building site authority, backlinks and generally increasing traffic? Have you been wondering how you can start implementing this strategy, so you can get the very best out of the process? It’s time for you to get some answers and instructions.

guide to guest posting

Yes, indeed guest posting or guest blogging is a very effective tool used by top bloggers and internet marketers to achieve a number of things, some of which are discussed here. These include building backlinks, brand awareness, direct traffic, increased author profile, and following, authority status etc. All of these can be summed up into these two words – online success!
It’s not difficult to get started with this. In fact, you can start right now, and we will give you some simple steps you can begin to take right away. Let’s get right into it.

Steps to Guest Posting

guide to guest posting

Define Your Niche

The first thing you need to define is your target niche. Define your area of focus because you are going to have to consistently create quality content on topics in that niche. Defining this will also help you choose the sites that will be appropriate for the content.
Even if you intend to operate in different niches, it is best to begin with one niche, so you don’t spread yourself and efforts thin, reducing your impact on any of the niches. Focus your entire effort on one niche for maximum impact.

Define Your Objectives

Understand your objectives before you get started. There are about three possible objectives you could be going for. First, your goal could be to accumulate backlinks to your site. Second, it could be to get direct traffic back to your site and third, it could be to establish yourself or your brand as an authority in your niche.
You do not have to choose just one option. You can actually go for all three. When you have decided on what your exact goals are, you will be in a better position to make choices that will make achieving them easier. You can find some more objective ideas here:

Choose Sites to Post to

At this point, you should now begin to search out sites to post to. Three critical things to consider when choosing sites to post to are: domain authority, traffic to the site and the niche of the site.
It’s pretty obvious that you must choose a site that is on the same niche as yours. You must have the same kind of audience for your content to make good sense.
The site’s domain authority will determine the quality of backlink you will get from it. Backlinks from sites with a higher domain authority are a lot more valuable. If therefore your aim is to build backlinks, this should be your main consideration factor.
Lastly, you should look at the traffic that the site attracts. If you are looking for direct traffic to your site or establishing yourself as an authority, then you will want to look out for a site or sites with a lot of traffic.
Here’s a simple tip for finding the right sites to post to. Look for influencers in your niche who guest post and find the sites they post to. Simply search “guest post by” +” the person’s name”. You can also search generally with phrases like “your niche” + “guest post” or “write for us” etc.
Once you find any sites, search out their contact details and pitch your post ideas to them. If they respond, they will tell you their procedure.

Create Great Content

Your next task after finding sites to post to is to create top quality content. If you are aiming to post to top quality sites, mediocre content will not be accepted. Besides, the quality of the content you post will determine the results you get.
If you are not sure that you can handle this part well, then don’t bother guest posting. You can just look for professional guest posters on sites like They will not only write top quality articles but will also post them for you.. They will not only write top quality articles but will also post them for you.

Promote Your Content

Your job is not done after your post is published. It is important that you promote the published post, so it can gain more traction. A good place to promote posts is on Facebook where you can boost any content to a carefully determined audience.

Repeat the Process

Now, you can repeat the process with another site. You can of course guest post multiple times to a site. You should ,however spread your content on different sites for a wider audience and a more diverse backlink spread.


You must be patient and systematic about the entire process. Some sites may not respond immediately. Some may reject your content, demanding a particular format or quality. Stay at it until you understand what they want.
When you become an authority, you will be able to guest post easily to practically any site.

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