Guest blogging is also called guest posting. It is a way of contributing a post on someone else’s blog so as to make connections, authority, and links.

Guest blogging offers various advantages to any business. By sharing your great expertise on other blogging sites, you can set yourself up as a position figure inside your market, build a relationship with other bloggers in your field and expose your image to a completely new crowd.

What is Guest Blogging

Furthermore, highlighting guest posts on your own blog will assist you with new content to your people and conveying new points of view.

Highlighting visitor posts is an extraordinary way to keep visits connected with also the special lift that happens when your visitor bloggers share their online journals with their own system.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Instant Exposure to Targeted Traffic 

Whether you get a connection to your website or add pictures to other blogs, your audience will need to interact with your blog posts.

In the event that you figure out how to compose a top-quality post, an expert that traffic should begin streaming to your website once it goes live. Traffic is an important need for online business.

Something as basic as a visitor post can conceivably convert into sales on the off chance that you do it the correct way. Optimize your site’s landing pages, CTAs, and different components to boost your chances of change. 

2. Grow Your Personal Network 

There was a time when associating with influencers was greatly troublesome. Yet, with guest blogging, the procedure is presently simple.

As a model, a few sites that acknowledge guest posts cultivate a community of contributors occupied with related specialties.

Now and again, you’ll find the opportunity to participate in an email thread where contributors conceptualize potential subjects. You can likewise team up with others for co-created posts.

Regardless of what the community’s structure in a specific site is, you can generally use your initiation.

Look for association openings with influencers – from content cross-advancement to professional interviews.

All you have to do is be dynamic in the network. Leave comments, cold-email your probability or share other posts. 

3. Animate Social Media Shares 

Producing social media shares is one approach to exponentially expand your online reach. The more offers your branded content gets, the more shareworthy it’ll be eye-catching to your audience.

If you’re presenting a visitor post to a blog with a lot of internet-based life movements, at that point offers should fall into place once your content gets.

If this shows you’re on the road quicker, consider inserting an exceptionally shareable substance in your visitor post. Infographics, for instance, can assist you with getting 3x more commitment to online networking than some other kind of content. 

4. Develop Your Social Media Following 

Guest blogging doesn’t just expand the measure of social media shares to your content, it can likewise help your follower count and quicken your lead age efforts.

This makes you look great without flinching at their followers. With most guest blogging plans, you likewise find a way to customize your contributor profile.

In this the person is also Here you can connect to all other social media accounts. All these advantages will make it simpler to win your target audience’s trust and transform them into active social media followers. 

5. Improve Your Online Authority 

Present-day online marketing is about authority. Indeed, even with the best content, it’ll be hard to turn your people into paying clients or loyal subscribers on the off chance that they don’t believe your brand.

By contributing to other definitive websites, you find the opportunity to demonstrate your validity as a data source.

Guest blogging causes your deliberate interest group to realize that you’re somebody who’s recognized by well-known brands.

And as a result, they’ll be more receptive to any value proposition you may present on your own site.

6. Strengthen Your Backlink Profile 

Most websites that acknowledge visitor presents permit their donors to be on leave in any event one connects to their own webpage.

All things considered, the majority of them don’t offer any money related pay for your difficult work.

A concise keyword-optimized link or brand notice is the least they can do to compensate for your efforts. Free Google Ads report discovers enhancements in 60 seconds

7. Develop Brand Awareness 

Visitor blogging is a great way to build up your authority in your niche. As much as could be expected, attempt to share viable tips that aren’t as of now discovered elsewhere.

Leverage the chance to tell them what your organization does and how it would tackle problems.

Guest blogging will make your own brand noticeable anyway of where you submit guest posts.

Some well-known bloggers utilize conversational skills to deal with engaging readers. They likewise avoid writing fluff while keeping sentences short and simple to peruse. 

8. Produce Qualified Leads 

One of the principal steps to a successful guest blogging procedure is picking the privilege websites.

To expand to niche significance, you additionally need to search for websites that as of now have a constant flow of traffic.

This will assist you with associating with individuals who are as of now inspired by what you offer as a business. Always emphasize a significant advance when building up the page that you’re carrying traffic to.

It ought to be identified with the guest post present you’ve submitted on the other blog. Something else, your connection is simply a disturbance in your audience’s journey.

9. Shorten the Sales Cycle

The sales funnel has consistently been a challenge for content marketers. By distributing content through famous blogs, you are quickly assembling your target audience’s familiarity with your brand.

In this manner, you are shortening the sales cycle for your products and services. Think of it this way: as opposed to trusting that potential leads will go to your site, you can present your image’s offers in your guest posts.

You should simply be shrewd when picking or trying out point thoughts for your guest’s posts. 

10. Get Useful Feedback from the Community

As a guest blogger, another preference of being active in the community is that you get to receive workable pace criticism from other contributors.

When you talk about systems, for instance, different specialists may tune in to share their own thoughts through the remarks segment.

As a result, additionally, create or refine your methodology in view of their recommendations.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

1. Introducing Guest Blogging Benefits

For the main area of the proposal, tell customers how guest blogging will profit them. Offer understanding into the outcomes that originate from guest posting, for example, 

  • Building authority
  • Increasing traffic
  • Increasing leads
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Featuring issues that the customer’s -product or service solves
  • Improve permeability on social media
  • Improve SEO authority

2. Define Site Qualifications 

Next, teach customers much more. Here’s a rundown of the site capabilities and measurements you will use to rate guest visitor post openings.

Clarify what every qualifier is and why it is significant.

Alexa Rank estimates the site’s position online. The measurement is a gauge of how well known a site is comparative with different websites.

It utilizes metrics such as normal day-by-day guests and pageviews to make the rankings.

Alexa rankings are not estimated on a set scale (like 1 to 100). Rather, it appoints an arranged number to each site, with the best site getting an Alexa Rank of 1.

Whenever you’re looking for guest blogging openings, you want posts to appear on sites with a prominent Alexa Rank.

3. Review and Audit Existing Client Information 

When you assist customers with understanding the potential estimation of guest posting, offer knowledge into their website’s gaps and clarify how this procedure will fill them.

Give information on the customer’s current number of inbound links. Disclose to them that by securing guest blogging opportunities, this number will rise with the goal of achieving the advantages recorded above.

To find the number of backlinks for a customer webpage, utilize Alexa’s Site Overview, which is a piece of our Competitive Analysis Tools.

It records all outnumbers, names, and URLs of the locales connecting to the customer’s site. Fare the data to an Excel sheet and add it to your proposal for guest blogging to give customers a total glance at their current connecting status. 

4. Set Guest Blogging Site Qualifications 

Once you have data about the customer webpage, set capability measurements for potential guest blogging locales.

Spot a range on every metric that qualifies or precludes the site. 

Consider measurements for the customer’s site as you set capabilities. For instance, if the customer site has high-authority metrics, center around getting posts on destinations that share a similar degree of metrics.

On the off chance that the customer site has low-authority metrics, you can begin with lower authority (yet at the same time topically applicable) destinations since you are just starting to make a foundation of links back to the client site

Free Guest Blogging Sites List of 2020

1. Digital Marketing & SEO Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Link
CMO by Adobe98Write for Us
Hubspot92Write for Us
Search Engine Land90Write for Us
CreativeBloq87Write for Us
GetResponse82Write for Us
Search Engine Watch81Write for Us
OutBrain81Write for Us
SEMrush Blog79Write for Us
Social Media Examiner78Write for Us
Social Media Today78Write for Us
Content Marketing Institute77Write for Us
CopyBlogger77Write for Us
Search Engine Roundtable76Write for Us
MarketingProfs75Write for Us
Convince and Convert74Write for Us
InspirationFeed74Write for Us
Jeffbullas’s Blog72Write for Us
ShoutMeLoud72Write for Us
CoSchedule71Write for Us
The Sits Girl66Write for Us
B2B Marketing66Write for Us
Benchmark64Write for Us
DailyBlogTips56Write for Us
TechWyse55Write for Us
Serpstat Blog54Write for Us
HingeMarketing52Write for Us
SEO-Hacker.com51Write for Us
Mainstreethost.com51Write for Us
SociableBlog49Write for Us
GrowMap49Write for Us
Pole Position Marketing48Write for Us
RankWatch Blog45Write for Us
iBlogZone44Write for Us
SEOBlog.com42Write for Us
Linkody Blog 41Write for Us
Mangools Blog39Write for Us
TechJeny38Write for Us
iTechCode38Write for Us

2. Social Media Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Mashable93Write for Us
Social Media Examiner 79Write for Us
SocialMediaToday 78Write for Us
CoSchedule Blog 74Write for Us
Post Planner64Write for Us
Socialnomics59Write for Us
Creative Guerilla Marketing58Write for Us
Socedo50Write for Us
Clickfire46Write for Us
Social Media Strategies Summit44Write for Us
Publishing Talk44Write for Us
Hot in Social Media43Write for Us
Social Media Revolver 42Write for Us 41Write for Us
Social Media Impact41Write for Us
Ronsela39Write for Us
C Butter Worth32Write for Us

3. Marketing Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Website nameDAAccepting Links
HubSpot Blog92Write for Us
Business 2 Community86Write For Us
Convince and Convert74Write for Us
B2B Marketing63Write for Us
Raven Tools62Write For Us
Hinge Marketing52Write for Us
Kikolani49Write for Us
Dealer Marketing42Write for Us
I Tech Code38Write for Us
Opportunities Planet35Write For Us

4. Blogging Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDA Accepting Links
CreativeBloq87Write for Us
Labnol81Write for Us
Outbrain81Write for Us
Content Marketing Institute77Write for Us
Inc4275Write for Us
The Blog Herald61Write for Us
Cloudways58Write for Us
John Chow57Write for Us
Daily Blog Tips56Write for Us
WPSauce53Write for Us
BloggersPassion48Write for Us
HellBound Bloggers (HBB) 47Write for Us
BlogSolute47Write for Us
Famous Blogger47Write for Us
BasicBlogTips46Write for Us
BlogEngage46Write for Us
WebFactory LTD34Write for Us

5. Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Forbes95Write for Us
GoDaddy blog93Write for Us
Inc.com92Write for Us
AllBusiness.com79Write for Us
Business.com78Write for Us
My Corporation64Write for Us
Tweak Your Biz58Write for Us
Successful-Blog.com52Write for Us
Scotts Marketplace48Write for Us
One Page CRM47Write for Us
Small Business do it Better33Write for Us
Small Business Shift25Write for Us

6. Tech Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Venture Beat92Write for Us
Slashdot91Write for Us
Read Write84Write for Us
Inspirationfeed 78Write for Us
Techi Buzz65Write for Us
PragProg 63Write for Us
True Tech54Write for Us
Colocation America52Write for Us
MakingDifferent49Write for Us
Technically Easy46Write for Us
TechLila 44Write for Us
TechMaish42Write for Us
Boomer Tech Talk35Write for Us
Tech Bii30Write for Us
Tech For27Write for Us
Tech Arrival21Write for Us

7. Health/Fitness Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Mercola91Write for Us
Physc Central87Write for Us
Natural News86Write for Us
Science Based Medicine71Write for Us
KevinMD68Write for Us
Self Growth62Write for Us
The Master Cleanse 56Write for Us
Trail Runner55Write for Us
Well-Being Secrets54Write for Us
The Change Blog53Write for Us
Yeg Fitness38Write for Us
Revitalise Your Health35Write for Us
Gym Free Fit20Write for Us

8. Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Investopedia90Write for Us
Investing.com89Write for Us
Faith and Finance82Write for Us
Wise Bread 75Write for Us
Money Saving Mom70Write for Us
Get Rich Slowly64Write for Us
Man vs Debt55Write for Us
Cash Money Life55Write for Us
Modest Money54Write for Us
The Military Wallet54Write for Us
Free Money Finance52Write for Us
Reach Financial Independence47Write for Us
Beating Broke39Write for Us

9. Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Boarding Area78Write For Us
Travel Super Market66Write for Us
Global Grasshopper 58Write For Us
Nomads World56Write For Us
Sheswanderful51Write For Us
The Travel Manuel 46Write For Us
Amy Nearly There Yet31Write for Us
Short Travel Tips30Write for Us
Postcards from the World21Write for us
Tour N Travel Planner16Write for Us

10. Fashion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Just Jared 86Write for Us
Off Beat Bride73Write for Us
Inside Out Blog54Write for Us
Focus On Style52Write for Us
PRCouture48Write for Us
Wise She47Write for Us
Tqs Magazine44Write for Us
Beauty and Fashion Tech42Write for Us
Fashion For Royals24Write for Us
Fantaschic17Write For Us

11. Education Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Rossier Online91Write for Us
BabyCenter91Write for Us
Edutopia80Write for Us
Rosettastone79Write for Us
Modern Mom67Write for Us
5 Minutes For Mom 65Write for Us
Adoptive Families57Write for Us
Metro Parent 57Write for Us
The Pie News57Write for Us
LA Parent49Write for Us
Anthronow41Write for Us
Student Caring28Write For Us

12. Lifestyle Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website NameDAAccepting Links
Mind Body Green87Write for Us
Elephant Journal77Write for Us
Lost At E Minor73Write for Us
CraftGossip61Write for Us
Craftbits.com57Write for Us
Mookychick53Write for Us
Every Thing Mom46Write for Us
Aha Now43Write for Us
Titan Fx33Write for Us
Sweet Style Blog27Write for Us


Guest Blogging is very important for online marketing success in the industry. In simple words, it helps to build direct relationship with the site owners and also build a great authority in the market. I think this is the best method in which you’ll build relationships as well as get links from their websites which will help you to increase your website rankings.

Many people used to hesitate to do this as they wondered why anyone would allow them to get the post published. But I’ve a suggestion for them to first build a relationship with the person. Talk to the owner or their team and after a few days you can approach them for guest posting.

I think you’ll like this post. I’ve also shared guest blogging sites list which you can use to directly contact high authority websites and if you are still experiencing any issues related to our industry drop up email at or Join our community.


FAQ Related to Guest Blogging

1. What is a Guest Blog?

A guest blog is a way when someone from your niche wants to write on your blog and in return, they get some links and also referral traffic for their website/blog.

2. How do You Become a Guest Blogger?

Guest blogging is one of the oldest and best ways to get referral traffic and build authority.
If you want to become a guest blogger in your niche. First you have to have your own reputable blog then you have to start pitching in your niche who are accepting guest posts. so after interacting with them you can write for them and become guest bloggers.

3. What is Guest Blogging for SEO?

SEO guest blogging is a white hat technique used to build backlinks and you also get a good amount of referral traffic that helps you to improve your site SEO score.

4. Does Guest Blogging Work?

Yes, it works like a charm if you do guest blogging on relevant sites.

5. How Much Should I Charge for a Guest Post on My Blog?

Basically, there is a difference between guest posts and paid posts. People mostly don’t charge for the guest post but in return, they get so much value like a backlink, referral traffic, and also build a good relationship with the site owner.