Best Blogs to Read from Indian Bloggers of 2020

Bloggers or I can say the writers of the Internet. Bloggers are those people who create data on the Internet and that data can be of different type whether it is related to technology, fashion, political world or maybe awareness side, etc.

Indirectly, they are the listener who listens to queries from users and responds to them. In this case, it became necessary from the user’s side that they must concern the right blog where they get proper information and best blogs to read.

Some people only read blogs to explore their awareness and their knowledge quotient. So for all these things, just sit back relax and keep reading this article until the end, because I am going to tell you about the best blogs to read from Indian bloggers.

List of Best Indian Blogs to Read

1. Digital Inspiration

best blogs to read

As the name says, this blog concerns the digital world. In Digital Inspiration you find tutorials and how-to-guides regarding technology.

Started in: 2004

Founder: Amit Agarwal

Category: Tech’s How-to-Guides and Tutorials

This is not an ordinary blog, there are many awards attached with digital inspiration. All of those achievements are only possible by the author’s name, Amit Agarwal.

About the Author:

Amit Agarwal is basically an engineer and he got his degree from I.I.T. His work is not only admired by Indians but he works with international clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Not only is he blogging, he has also worked with Google to create Google Ad-Ones, which includes mail merge for Gmail. Later on, he quit his job and started giving up his full-time position on Digital Inspiration.

2. Shoutmeloud

best blogs to read

Shoutmeloud is a blog which deals with the knowledge about blogging, WordPress, SEO, and Make money Blogging. This site is governed by a young crew and the reason why Shoutmeloud is famous is because this is the fastest blog to become famous and this is only happened because of their quality of content and of their hard work. The workers of this blog are very enthusiastic and totally dedicated to the quality of their content.

Started in: 2008

Founder: Harsh Agarwal

Category: SEO, Blogging, and tips related to WordPress

About the Author:

The owner of this blog is also an engineer, who took his degree from SHARDA UNIVERSITY in 2008. He made blogging his passion and from that point on, he was totally dedicated to blogging and he took shoutmeloud to the peak of success peak.

3. Fone Arena

best blogs to read

FoneArena is your online gadget blog. Here, you will find all the gadget reviews, their upcoming updates and what’s going on in gadgets market. FoneArena is known as the oldest review blog from almost a decade ago. This blog is a one-stop place for all your doubts and queries about what’s happening in the gadget world.

Started in:  2005

Founder: Varun Krishnan

Category: Gadgets Reviews

About FoneArena:

From mobile fans to gadget gurus, this is the short termed story of Varun Krishnan, The Chief Editor. He has great affection towards mobiles, cameras, computers, etc.

Parveen Kumar Technical Head is the man behind the review’s investigation.

4. Your Story

The place where entrepreneurs are defined and their story of success is revealed in such a manner that it will inspire the reader is called YourStory. Here, the story of a great leader who starts their journey from 0 to 100 is shown to the rest of world, so that they will get something which they will also adopt in their life.

Started in: 2010

Founder: Shradha Sharma

Category: Entrepreneurship and Guidelines

About the Author:

Shradha Sharma, CEO of YourStory, started his career as an Assistant Vice president at CNBC TV18 and is also a Brand Adviser at Times of India. She completed her bachelor’s and master’s in history from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and an MBA from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Her company has been declared “India’s biggest and definitive platform for start-ups”.


Best Blogs to Read

Where do you find the stuff of Indian Business? only at Trak. The hikes in business, what’s new coming to market and how the Indian market is behaving at current date, etc all these things are available at Trak. This blog is strictly restricted to Indian stuff only.

Started in: 2007

Founder: Arun Prabhudesai

Category: Indian Business News

About the Author:

Arun Prabhudesai, the writer of Trak, has a built-in interest in the business world and technology. He loves dealing with start-ups and the market’s ups and downs. S, he starts a blog which contains blogs of the business world and later on he also starts adding content related to technology.

6. TechPP

Best Blogs to Read

This is another of India’s favorite tech-based blogs. Your queries related to tech can be resolved here. The tagline of Techpp is Technology Personalized which means Techpp will only deal with tech related to you. Techpp is a combined package of gadget reviews, tech how-to-guides, and other tech things.

Started in: 2008

Founder: Raju PP

Category: Technology

About the Author:

Raju PP, the founder of Techpp, is an engineer who completes his engineering Bangalore. Later on, he quit his job and started this blog in 2009. He was ranked amongst 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine. At present, Techpp is governed by an enthusiastic member.

Along with Techpp, he is also the editor of Connected Arena.

7. 9Lessons

9 lessons deal with web development lessons and tips. This blog basically contains articles related to the development of Internet materials.

best blogs to read

The category which you find when you open this blog are tutorials, Knowledge regarding web languages like Javascript, PHP, Iconic, Angular, React, Jquery, Demos, Social Script.

9lessons also offer you to request a tutorial of your topic.

Started in: 2008

Founder: Srinivas Tamada

Category: Tutorials regarding web development

About the Author:

Srinivas Tamada. He loves the web. So, he decided to start this type of blog by which he can present his ideas and thoughts regarding the web in front of other people. He works only with one thought that he wanted to impress his readers with his content, so he always focuses on the quality of his content. In the beginning he started with Google Blogger and in 2008 he started 9lessons.

8. All Tech Buzz

best blogs to read

This is another tech news-based Indian blog. News of the new gadget launch or it is a new gadget review all these things are present at All Tech Buzz. This site covers almost all the areas of technology. Not only technology but you will also find knowledge regarding blogging and you can also put your query regarding technology and blogging on their form where the experts will solve your issue.

Started in: 2011

Founder: Imran Uddin

Category: Current Technology Updates, Phone Reviews, Gadget Reviews

About the Author:

He started his career as a blogger in 2011. At present, he runs his company named All Tech Media Pvt. He is also a good web designer, programmer, and an ethical hacker and to convert these skills into money makers he started All Tech Buzz blog.

9. Jago Investor

Best Indian Blogs

When you open this blog, you will find content related to investments, fundings, and business planning. I hope you had some ideas about this blog. If not, I will tell you in short words. The word “Jago” means to be awake or rise up, so Jago Investor helps or guides beginners on how to invest in the market. Jago Investor’s team is only on the guide through their blog but they also conduct workshops on the ground level.

Started in: 2007

Founder: Manish Chauhan

Category: Money Spending, Market knowledge, investment etc.

About the Author:

The base of Jago Investor was set up by Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai in 2008. The central idea behind this blog is to be aware of people regarding investments in the market. Manish Chauhan, The Founder and Nandish Desai, The Co-Founder. At present they started many learning programs on ground level also. Guest speakers, coaching and hour sessions are all performed by Jago Investors as well.

10. Hell Bound Bloggers

best blogs to read

If you love reading magazines, then this is something related to your choice. Hellboundbloggers is like an internet magazine which covers topics of the social world, Internet, Technology, WordPress, etc. In short you will find interesting stuff on which may blow your mind or give you knowledge.

Started in: 2007

Founder: Pradeep Kumar

Category: Social World, Blogging, Tech Guides

About the Author:

Pradeep Kumar who started this blog in his school time and at present with his interest and hard work, the in now at the top of success. He also loves Marketing and Cloud Computing. But his main passion is blogging and he only wants to make a change in this world with his blogging.

Also Read : Interview with Pradeep Kumar

11. Shalini Mehta

Best Women Blogger

Now it’s time to update our fashion quotient. Shalini Mehta is the name of a fashion blogger, who runs a fashion blog named same as her name Shalini Mehta . If you want rich data on fashion and what better suits your personality, you will easily find these things here.

Started in: 2006

Founder: Shalini Mehta

Category: All about fashion

About the Author:

Shalini has talented fashion expertise. Not only does she work on her fashion blog, she is also a part of many other departments like she is the Deputy GM, OmniChannel head of content & communications at Shoppers Stop Omni Channel. She completed her graduation from the National Institute of Design and she basically belongs to Mumbai.

Check out some more Best Indian Fashion Bloggers

12. Purushu Arie

best blogs to read

Why should girls have all the fun in the fashion world? This fashion blog is handled by an Indian guy, who has a great enthusiasm in the fashion field. His work is appreciated by many great artists. If you want fashion content which sounds different and unique, then you should follow this blog.

Started in: 2009

Founder: Purushu Arie

About the Author:

Purushu Arie basically belongs to Chennai. He completed his graduation in fashion from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. He is the founder of India’s first gender-neutral fashion label.  He also serves at different clothing companies like Lee Cooper, etc.

13. Cookingwithsj

Best Indian Blogs

If we are talking about the best Indian blogs, then how can we left with food blogs. Then there is Indian food blog, here you will find content about food and experiments with food. This amazing food blog is run by a Gujarati based girl, who loves food.

Started in: 2013

Founder: SJ

Category: Food

About the Author:

SJ loves food from her childhood and her passion is also food. So, to continue his passion as a food lover, she started this blog. Firstly, she worked in It, but later on, she quit the job and start running this blog as her dream.

14. Misswalkingshoes

best blogs to read

Travel lovers this is your section. This is a travel blog runs by an Indian traveler, who tours the world and shares her experience.

Started in: 2015

Founder: Leena Bansal

Category: Travel Blog

About the Author:

Leena Bansal, a World traveler, experience collector, adventure seeker, culture vulture, foodie, budget traveler all these things are attached to her name. She loves to travel and to carry forward her habit of traveling, she starts a blog.

15. The Shooting Star

best blogs to read

This is another travel blog, run by a young female traveler.

Started in: 2012

Founder: Shivya Nath

Category: Travelling

About the Author:

She started her career in the corporate world, but later she quit her job to explore her passion for traveling. She basically belongs to Dehradun.


These are the best Indian blogs to read which help you to get valuable information related to your queries. Check out all these blogs and pick your favorite one which you can read in your free time. Share with your friends, relatives and with your dear ones and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section, thanks.

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