How to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Boost your blog traffic

Readers I think you already know about traffic and it is the main part of your blog. If your blog have no traffic then you can’t earn from your blog. If you will not earn from blogging then you will think that it is wastage of time. There are many bloggers which leave blogging because of low traffic to their blogs. Never thing that I can’t do this and this if I m with you cannot get any problem.

Now many of bloggers share more and more on Social Networking sites but don’t get much traffic and some of get much traffic from it the that traffic is not organic and every blogger want to get organic traffic to their blog. Many of bloggers share on Facebook but I suggest you to decrease your Facebook Share because there are many groups and you daily share your article in minimum 10 groups but think our in groups you are sharing is 1 of your friend and the groups in you share have many of your FB friends so your article is shared in your circle not outside to it. So now I will tell you to how to boost your blog traffic.

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Use Google+ for Boost your Blog Traffic

I already told you about Facebook that Facebook traffic is not useful for your Blog. Use Google+ for getting traffic to your blog I know it’s not fully organic but it is helpful then Facebook. If You share an article in any community on Google+ then there are many people you don’t know about them so that if you share your article properly then I m 100% sure that you will get reply. Now below I will tell you how to use Google+ Communities for sharing your blog post.


Use More and More Google+ Communities

If you use more and more Google+ Blogging Communities then you will get a huge traffic from it. I Already told you above how you will get traffic from it and Use Hashtags while sharing.

Formalize Your Post

Use your blog title as Bold while sharing in Google+ or any Other Social Network. I Suggest you to bold your targeted keyword to get more visitors on your blog. You have to add (*) in starting and ending of keyword or title to bold it.

Choose Only Targeted Audience

I have seen many of bloggers share their article in all the parts Like:Technology,Featured on Google+. They don’t have their article related to Technology but they add so that give bad impact to your readers.

Tick “Send Email” for Getting More Attention

If you tick this Send Mail then the people who are in circle in you will get email of your article through it.

Use Hashtags in Post Sharing

Try to use Hashtags in your Google+ Description like if your article is on Google then use “#Google”.

Make Videos on YouTube and Upload the Link to Google+

Make your videos upload it on YouTube and just share the link of it on Google+ if helps your reader to keep eye on you. Then they will read more your status link shared and much more.

Respond to Your Readers Comment

If you have any comment on your shared post reply it as fast as you can and Answer their question if they have any query about it.


There are many Social Networking sites you can also use it to boost your blog traffic. But before using it Complete Your Profile Information. There are many of blogging communities you can also use them to share your articles top blogging communities.

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