Genesis SEO Settings for your WordPress Blog

genesis seo settings

Hello readers,Today I m writing this article for helping you. I have seen that many bloggers use SEO plugins in their blog and one thing which is wrong in this is using more plugins can affect your blog and your blog speed. So try to use less plugin you can’t believe that I m using only on plugin for the sitemap and now I m trying it to remove make an own sitemap with automatic updating.So Lets we start Here I will tell you about Genesis SEO setting how to do it. I suggest you to don’t use any SEO plugin use Genesis SEO Settings. It’s easy and I already told you that using less plugin will speed up your blog.

Genesis SEO Settings

  1. First of All you have to go to Genesis
  2. Then Click on SEO Settings
  3. You will get Google+ Publisher URL Option. You have to Paste your Google+ Page URL there.
  4. Next Document Title. There is a Tick Option before “Add Site name to inner pages?” You have to tick it.
  5. Now Come on Homepage Settings. Here in First you have to select the text you want to wrap in h1 tags. I Just Selected the Site Title.
  6. Now Write Your Blog Name in Homepage Document Title.
  7. After 6th Step You will get Add site description on Homepage. Just tick that Option.
  8. Now You will get a Homepage Meta Description Box. Write Your Meta Description There.
  9. Now You will get a Home Meta Keywords Box. Write Your Meta Keywords There.
  10. Now Leave All the other things as it is. Just untick “
  11. Now Save Changes and Enjoy with Your Blog.

Video Tutorial

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  1. Mukul Chugh says:

    Nice Article Buddy :)

  2. very helpful post bro.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. NIce Post Bro Will Apply These Settings

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