After a long time today, I am back with some amazing articles that will attract you on my blog that How my Blog Increase  Organic Traffic in 20days.

So here are many ways to grab the traffic to your blog i.e Paid Visitors, Traffic Bots. But the best way to easily increase your blog traffic is Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, many more things.

Increase Organic Traffic

What is Web Traffic?

Traffic is the chief part of your site, you will not get anything if your blog doesn’t have Organic Search Traffic and if you want to earn something from your blog and show your hard work to others you have to increase organic traffic to your blog.

So let’s begin how my blog increases organic traffic in 20days.

What is Organic Traffic?

The traffic which your blog gained by the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more is celebrated as Organic Traffic. Organic Traffic = More Sales and Income.

HowMy Blog Gained Organic Traffic

There are many articles in the blogosphere to drive organic traffic to your blog. But all are not explained totally and some of them have wrong information regarding it. So today from this article many of bloggers will attract to my blog and learn something new. The main factor which by your blog can Gain Organic Traffic is On-Page SEO.

My Blog Google Analytics Traffic

The time spent building a profitable blog will pay for itself multiple.

Actually, Traffic is not mine… That’s just for FUN.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) of your Blog

To gain organic traffic to your blog you have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is not an easy project to get higher ranking but to do this you have to do some SEO  tactics.

This is a very significant part of Increase Organic Traffic. Now there are so many SEO tactics which are changing daily in the blogosphere and to maintain that you should follow how my  blog increase  organic traffic in 20days

  1. Proper Keyword Optimization
  2. Create Valuable Links (Link Building)
  3. Use Meta Tags  Appropriately
  4. Sitemap Enabled
  5. Site Speed and its Layout

How to do Proper Keyword Optimization

To do proper keyword optimization for your blog you should have and Google Account by which you can do Keyword Optimization for free.

So to start with the Keyword Optimization you should remember first that if you are a beginner and your blog is totally new in blogosphere then you have to pick Low Competition keyword because your blog is new and to give attention to Google you have to low competition keyword and you can get Organic Traffic immediately if you Pick High Competition Keyword for your Blog.

Now what we have to do is just go on the Google Adwords and there you will Google Keyword Planner in tools, Go on it and search your Keyword into it and Get Keyword ideas. Now you can pick the keyword according to your article.

Write Quality Content

Why Quality Content is known as King? It is because of the matter which is in it. The Quality doesn’t mean that you have to write an article for 1000 or 2000 words.

Quality means that how you are explaining the article. You give Quality to your Content, your readers will be more and more happy with you and follow your blog to get more briefly detailed.

They will like your work and they can Hire you for their blog work also. While writing the article just remember on the Quality of your Content not on the Keywords and SEO at the end you can do all these.

Link Building

Link building is a BIG tactic of SEO. Google significance the blogs which are having Quality links and give more and more ranking to those blogs.

It is very important to build quality backlinks to gain organic traffic to your blog and increase your earning by it. It is quite tough to get quality links but if your Content is King then your links will be Rank as King.

There are many sites by which you can buy backlinks for your blog but that is not useful for your blog and can be penalized by it. Do link building manually if you want to run your blog properly.


There is probably not a trick to do Search Engine Optimization just have some strategies and tactics to follow to maintain your blog and survive into the Blogosphere across the World.

The things which we want to rank higher is Accurate, Accurate,  Accurate. I will be back to you with more amazing articles. If you got any problem while doing these things just comment below once and get your answer.