Build Best Web 2.0 Sites List with High PR (Proven Method)

Ah! Now don’t ask what is web 2.0 sites. Here you can know about what is web 2.0 sites?

Well, everyone knows that.

But if you already don’t, let me tell you.

Web 2.0 Sites are also called as like buffer sites, web 2.0 properties, parasites, and so-on – but it’s all okay’ to pronounce it as a Web 2.0 backlinks, you won’t be judged, haha.

Best Web 2.0 Sites List

SEO tactics are used by leveraging most of it. It’s basically one of the ideal Tire 1 link for it’s so-called pre-segmented authority’ that it has got.

Proper  definition  of the shit:

Tire 1 is the links that directly point to your money site (Site A -> Money Site).

Tire 2 links are built to strengthen the authority of Tire 1 links –  however; in some cases, people spam the shit out of it in order to improve the authority  (Site B -> Site A -> Money Site).

Where as Tire 3 links are built in order to index the Tire 2 properties –  in case if you’ve spammed a lot  (Site C -> Site B -> Site A -> Money Site).

Like for instance; is a web 2.0 website with a Domain Authority  97, has got DA 98, with DA 99, and so-on so-forth.

So basically what we SEOs do is, by leveraging it’s pre-existence authority that those sites has, we create web 2.0 properties as a source of powerful’ link to our money site, and build tire 2 backlinks to make the 2.0 sites powerful.

Let’s take garcinia cambogia as an example that I want to rank for.

So, I’d create web 2.0 sites like:

  1. (DA: 97)
  2. (DA: 98)
  3. (DA: 99)

So see, how powerful those link would be?

That’s where web 2.0 websites comes, a very powerful link building source that gives you a real quality relevant link to your money site.

Nail it in your brain:  Simply creating the web 2.0 sites won’t work.

You need to create Tire 2 links in order to boost the page authority of the properties.

In this article, I’m also sharing you a proven way to rank your website using  super web 2.0 backlinks.

Building Super Web 2.0 Sites:

Things required:

  • Kontent Machine: To generate tons of human readable articles, as I really don’t want to much time in writing articles for dozen of blogs manually. So I would leave this work on Kontent Machine (click to buy Kontent Machine, it’s just of  $217 for lifetime license) which would help me getting my desired content (by just entering the keywords, and few configurations) and boom! I’d have bulk content ready to get published over my web 2.0 sites.
  • Registering on  few  web 2.0 websites: I’d choose few like – WordPress, Weebly, Squidoo, Tumblr, Hubpages, &  Big G’s very own
  • Little work: For you need to manually schedule the contents and NOT publishing them instantly. May it be like posting 1 article a week there. So  you’d have to  schedule those article on that basis but also need to be careful that you are  not having same frequency else Google won’t take much time recognizing my footprints.  That means, don’t publish articles on every blog at same time.
  • Tire-2 link building for super web 2.0 site: I’ve shared the micro niche sites link building process  earlier which can be well used in this too.
  • Little brain: Don’t start linking the first day itself, give it some time to rise in eye of Big G. It’s recommended that after having scheduled posting, do link ONLY contextual backlinks WITH variation of the keywords and try making the content as relevant as possible. If your main keyword is –  home remedies for dandruff, then make similar article titled Home Remedies for Dandruff: Here’s 5 Natural Ways To Do It and cleverly add the link to your site.

*PS: This is announcement to the experiment that I am to do. Where I am to  actually  share with you the step-by-step technique of how am I doing, so that you can implement on your money site be it a long term or micro niche sites, and shoot it to the top of Google.

The first experiment I am to do is rank website using super web 2.0 backlinks. If you’ve not heard already about the term along with super , then let me tell you –  Super Web 2.0 sites  are when you’re turning  your dummy website into an authority in segment of post frequency, backlink profile, etc. And when you’re passing link juice to your money site with these super web 2.0 sites you’d be able seeing a huge progress in your overall search metrics.

I’ve had this web 2.0 sites list since a while, and after seeing the response I  thought to share it with you.

Here’s the list of Web 2.0 Sites List

Top Web 2.0 Sites List

Reasoning: .EDU Extension gives us extra authority to piggyback
Domain Authority: 86
File Type: PDF

Reasoning: We’re able to use Google  against Google! With a DA of 100, this is  easily one of our favorite web 2.0’s
Domain Authority: 100

File Type: Doc
Reasoning: One of the fastest & easiest
web 2.0’s to setup.
Domain Authority: 98

File Type: Feed
Reasoning: Truly a hidden gem not
many SEO’s are using RebelMouse.
Domain Authority: 81

File Type: Page
Reasoning: One of the most trusted sites
on the internet.
Domain Authority: 100

File Type: Page
Reasoning: Easy & fast setup. One of the
top blogging sites (owned by Google).
Domain Authority: 96

File Type: Subdomain Page

Reasoning: Excellent for Local Web 2.0
Domination. (Only Works for Businesses)
Domain Authority: 94

File Type: Page
Reasoning: Fast setup time. Maximum
domain authority.
Domain Authority: 100

File Type: Page
Reasoning: Easy to setup. PR8
Domain Authority: 93

File Type: Page
Reasoning: Underground web 2.0
definitely a hidden gem.
Domain Authority: 95

High PR 9 Web 2.0 Site Backlink List:

PR 8 Web 2.0 Sites

PR 7 Web 2.0 Properties

PR 6 Links

PR 5 Web 2.0 Websites

Alright, so that was all.

Leave a comment if you’ve got any query about these web 2.0 sites, or tire 2-3 links, or whatever; also,

let me know if you need anything else.

I’d be happy to help you ?

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