Basically, what happens during organizing your organic SEO strategy is that you be confused with many not-so-technical thoughts like that of Backlinking, or whether to Write a (so-called) *epic content that grabs in the attention of a serious hood of potential buyers and advertisers.

But thought a thing, ever?

What Can Be That Great Content?

That drives-in traffic? (Question is how), that drives-in more engagement (Question is still the same, how), or maybe a content that is called great – in it’s own – is the content that solves a question.

But the most natural question is – though people write, maybe they’re great, too, but still they don’t grab much attention and is burden in the mud.

Even this content is epic (yeah, it is. Don’t you think) but still, I’m pretty much afraid would it drive-in traffic, conversion, engagement and especially rank at first page of Google?

Power of SEO And Organic SEO Strategy Techniques (and It’s Secret)

In my previous article, I did reveal how am I actually driving in great organic traffic to my blog and it was an experiment that went successful and pretty much happy I was when I did share my technique.

Great issue happens when bloggers working their butts-off to drive-in potential and great traffic from the search engines (especially, Google).

So that epic famous happens when they actually work, without any results, led to the failure of their total work – everything is ruined off. *Sorry!

So, basically what to do for the sake of driving organic traffic?

Elements of SEO Strategy

  1. Focus more on On-Page SEO
  2. Content’s Length, Matters
  3. Have Your Voice, and a Good Tone
  4. Have a Good Off-Page SEO Strategy
  5. Interlink with Your Old Content

1. Famous Saying “Even *Epic Content Fails, If On-Page isn’t Good”

If you’re onto harnessing your organic traffic through SEO strategy then even though if you’re a – writing great, engaging, and helpful contents – still it would fail.

Know why?

Cause if you don’t provide or optimize what it requires to transfer your information to the language of search engine bot who reads ONLY texts then it won’t work.

So while you’re writing great content, that itself is, make sure you’re following to

  1. Optimize the title of the post with your main as well as the secondary keyword that you are wanting to rank in.
  2. Optimize your title with powerful words (Wait, Caution, Danger, Boom, etc.)
  3. Make sure your title is under 65 characters, else it would be sliced-off – that’s bad.
  4. Make sure you’re putting your main keyword at the beginning of the article, usually within 1st sentence.
  5. Make sure you’re having <h> tags consisting your main keyword as well as secondary keyword.
  6. Make sure you’re distributing your keywords within your content.

2. Content’s Length, Matters

There’s two type of content – short, but quality content and big, informative content. And Google is in favor of both.

It always doesn’t matter however if you’re having quality, and engaging content that people actually desire to read more, more, and little more, then it’s called a good content.

3. Have Your Voice, and a Good Tone

An article represents the intelligence and voice of a webmaster/author and basically helps to stand apart from those of others.

Some do write formally, some informal, where some just like a talk or conversation with one and another.

They better you write, the more audience of yours would love your blog.

Seth Godin‘s famous blog, in it though he write’s tiny article still it’s so so popular to actually drive-in thousands of shares and tweets.

His’ intelligence proves him, cause he’s unique on it’s own. The more your writing is fancy, readable, and enjoyable, the better you do.

It’s hard to be Seth, maybe you may (or maybe not) heard about whatever the book he have contributed every single one impacted itself that led to be the best selling book.

4. Have a Good Off-Page SEO Strategy

Though having a great on-page SEO, quality content, is essential still if you’re not optimizing your site’s off-page then it won’t be much.

Though Google is taking majority steps and did too by introducing the Hummingbird algorithm that initially ranks a content on basis of quality.

So work hard, improve your writing, and see the flow. I’m sure, it’s going to worth off.

5. Interlink with Your Old Content

Interlinking with your old contents, just like this one, is important.

Do you know why?

Cause while Google crawls your site’s post, it initially wants to discover more of your blog pages so as to actually give a ranking of what it requires.

Google too wants its users to get what they desire for and so to give what Google wants, just interlinking your old content with newer ones so as to let Google and other search engines crawl more of your site.


Following the SEO strategies would initially help you to drive-in more organic searches that have great potential and chances for you to grow your blog tremendously that would significantly help you to stand apart from others in the industry.

And let you harness the power of your SEO strategy as well as it would help you to cut the edges of the competition and initially lay an impact.

What’s your technique to smash the organic competition?