Ever wonder about what is keeping you from getting higher ranks and tonnes of conversions? Well, sometimes it is all about those little gaps that we forget to fill while working on larger and more obvious parts. One such aspect of ranking and banking on niche affiliate sites or any niche specific product focused micro site is the use of schema ratings. Schema ratings are easily missed by most marketers and this costs in a lot of money being left on the table. SchemaNinja

It can be a tedious task trying to make sense of schema and getting it to work for you. We are going to solve that problem only in this post. So, keep reading for rankings in the SERPs and amazing conversions.

How does Schema Help?

Checkout the screenshot below, the link on the top (below the Ad obviously) is clearly having something that other links on the page are missing. It has clear schema ratings and other information that helps Google identify that website as more authoritative and therefore giving it a higher position.

One more key factor why schema boost rankings is because if it is done right, it can boost the click through rates on your links in the result pages. A searcher is more likely to click on a link that offers a real insight into the quality of the content. Just like in the example above there is a picture of the end product, a star rating that grabs attention and the schema info also tells how much time it will take to prepare the item. Overall, a link worth clicking. And Google has already revealed CTR to be a ranking factor.

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How to get Schema to work for you

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It can be tough to implement schema on your website if you don’t have experience with it. But, if you happen to be a smart blogger who used WordPress as the platform of choice to create awesome content then my friend implementing schema is no big deal anymore.

There are plugins in the market that can help you make the most out of schema on your website. One such new and updated plugin is SchemaNinja. It is a schema ratings plugin that helps product review bloggers to reduce time and effort while enabling them to exploit the full potential of schema in search engines.

How does SchemaNinja Work?

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SchemaNinja works as your review buddy that takes care of your appearance in the search result pages. It automates most of the schema related efforts and helps you save time.

Not just it helps you with schema but offers several other features that will help you make huge profits from your niche affiliate product sites.

The SchemaNinja Review Widget

SchemaNinja offers a really interesting and useful tool for the product reviewing bloggers. Checkout the screenshot below to get an idea about the review widget the SchemaNinja can create for you.

SchemaNinja Review

See the screenshot below to get an idea of how exactly this product review box can be edited from the backend.

SchemaNinja Review

You can edit the Review, Specs, Summary button texts and also make changes through CSS. You can also change the text on the CTA button to resonate more with your visitors and get more clicks.

The SchemaNinja Recommendations Box

The recommendations box is something that you won’t find in any competing plugin in the market. The recommendation feature simply makes the task of recommending your favourite product to your audience a smooth job. This can help you get more exposure to your highest converting product to boost sales, get credibility and earn tonnes of profits.

Checkout the screenshot below to see how recommendations box looks on a particular page:

SchemaNinja Review

The recommendation box will help your readers to compare the products you recommend in one place and therefore make quick purchase decisions. So, you’re getting paid when any of them is sold.

SchemaNinja Recommendations Box Sidebar Widget

SchemaNinja offers you the ability to insert recommendations box in the sidebar for site level visibility.

SchemaNinja Review

The recommendation box can be edited from the SchemaNinja backend. Checkout the screenshot below.

SchemaNinja Review

You can change the CTA buttons text, column titles and make design changes through CSS.

On the same page you can add new recommendation boxes and enable their visibility on pages.

You can either use the shortcodes or use the global settings from inside SchemaNinja setting page.

Check out SchemaNinja Video Tutorial Here:

SchemaNinja Plans and Pricing

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SchemaNinja offers two versions of the plugin to use. The LITE and the PRO.

The SchemaNinja LITE would get you all the features including the support but the recommendations box feature. It also saves a few dollars.

The SchemaNinja PRO version lets you enjoy full features of the plugin along with superb support. It only costs a few dollars more than the LITE version so I believe  SchemaNinja PRO is the product one should choose.

Final Verdict

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SchemaNinja is definitely something that was long missing from the market. It solves a major problem and enables affiliate marketers to take their website to a whole new level.  All this it offers by being very light on the WordPress website.

Overall, it is a smart choice to start taking schema rating seriously if you want to scale your website to the next level. And while it’s not a hard decision to make, it’s almost a no-brainer because companies like Amazon, eBay, AirBnB and TripAdvisor are already making full use of Schema to outrank competition in search engines and get tonnes of free traffic to their pages.