I’m sharing about how to find expired domains and since then I’ve been receiving a lot of request on the procedure of doing that.

And so, in this article, I’m going to show you how to find authority expired domains so you can effectively use under the hood of your Private Blog Network and rank to bank.

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Private Blog Network (or, short & sweet – PBN) is the new era of link building which can pleasure Google to a great extent – but, ONLY, when it’s done right, allowing you to massively influence your site’s ranking effectively.

While you might have heard – a lot, that PBN aren’t working anymore (Ouch, that hurts!) or Google is killing them one by one, but let me tell you – it’s not the fact.

The fact is, the ONLY way to get penalized is giving Google the opportunity to, when you don’t, you’re safe – damn!

At present, my major link building tactics are –

  1. Private Blog Network.
  2. Web 2.0 Sites (read full guide here).
  3. Authority “relevant” contextual links.

And interestingly, I’m safe, and up.

Why Private Blog Network?

I’m sure, I don’t have to be much brief enough on this – but, let me still give you an overview of it.

Private Blog Network is a series of “natural looking” sites – under your hood – based on expired domains which have preserved quality backlinks, when you leverage them – you’d rank your site at the top.

Here’s what to love about PBN –

  • You’ve full control over your links, anchor texts, placements.
  • You get high quality contextual links.
  • Relevancy.
  • You don’t need to expose your keywords to others for contextual links.

And what Google wants – Quality & Relevancy.

How to find Expired Domains for PBNs?

When it comes to finding expired domains – though there’s plenty – but, what I truly find satisfying is – Expireddomains.net.

This website updates regularly and shows list of dropped expired domains with their metrics like DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Backlinks (Total Links as well as Referring Links), PR (Page Rank), etc.

The only disadvantage of Expireddomains.net is that it doesn’t shows you Majestic Metrics such as – TF (Trust Flow), CF (Cation Flow) which is a very important metrics to be considered about while buying an expired domain.

Here’s what metrics I look to determine whether or not is the expired domain worth to buy.

  • No Spam/Gambling/Porn/Russian/Chinese Links.
  • Natural looking backlink profile such as anchor texts and the backlinks.
  • Not having same type of links in repeat like too many directory links.
  • Not was being used as PBN earlier.
  • Was a good/active website earlier (as looked through Wayback Machine).
  • DA: 20 (min) and PA: 25 (min).
  • TF and CF: 15+
  • Moz Rank: 3 (min)
  • Min 100 social shares (to determine it was actually a good website).
  • Wasn’t registered by more than 1 person earlier. It ensures it wasn’t spammed anyway and less chances of penalty.
  • At-least 50-100 backlinks. And a balanced referring domain and total backlinks.

I ensure has more than few contextual links from authority sites.

I usually spend 2-3 hours on collecting a list of good expired domains to buy, and at the end pick few selective which would bring value to my money site. So don’t expect that as you start the process, you’d immediately get a good backlink profiled expired domain.

So, here’s how to proceed to find expired domains:

  1. Click here, to go to ExpiredDomains.net. We would start researching for the domains from this – it’s fast, flexible, and easy to use.
  2. Click on Deleted.com button, and you would see something similar to this:find expired domain
    Here’s what those letter means:
    – LE: Length of domain.
    – PR: Page Rank.
    – BL: Total Backlinks.
    – DP: Referral Backlinks.
    – WBY: Who’s First Registration Year of Domain.
    – ABY: First found on Archive.org
    – Similar Web: Similar Global Rank Metrics (not necessary)
    – Dmoz: Whether or not the site is listed on Dmoz.
    – C,N, O, B, I, B: Domain health statistic (no usage).
    – SG: Searches of the Exact Match Keyword in domain.
    – CO: Competition of the keyword of domain.
    – CPC: Cost Per Click of the keyword in domain.
    – Dropped: Time when the domain dropped.
    – Status: Whether or not it’s available for direct registration.
  3. Click on “Show Filter“, and add the following:- Only available Domains.– Backlinks: 50 – 200 (the lower, the higher chances for authority domains cause authority sites tend to get links naturally, so they would have less quantity but of high quality backlinks.– In Additional tab: Social Signals: 100 Min– In Adwords & SEO tab: DA – 20, PA – 25, MozRank – 2. (in min).And, Hit Apply Filter.

I personally recommend that ONLY buy expired domains those which has:

  • Same WBY & ABY, it ensures that it wasn’t used by more than 1 person.
  • Have “contextual links” from authority sites.
  • The expired domain name looks natural, not spam type like xjsha92.com.

Use these tools for checking the metrics:

  1. Moz: For DA, PA, and indexed Moz Indexed backlinks.
  2. Ahrefs: To check anchor texts distributions, live links. (Check here how to use Ahrefs)
  3. Majestic: For checking TF, CF.

How to Buy Expired Domain after Selecting?

Now that you’ve spend a good time on searching for a good expired domain to buy, and finally got it, it’s time to register it. Let me tell you, there’s no special criteria for you buying expired domain — it’s same to what you do while registering regular domains.

Just head over Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap, 1&1, or whatever domain registrar you want to buy the expired domain from, and get that register.

As you’re done with the process, further you need to host it in a separate hosting and mask your PBN with different A-class IP. I’d write down in-depth article on “Selecting & Hosting Expired Domain for PBN” in few days.

So stay tuned for that.

Wrapping it up:

PBN – as told, is a really powerful tactic to organically grow your blog in search engine. It not just allows you to maintain your own links in the manner you want it to be, but also enhances your authority in eyes of Google – when done right.

I’d write a full series of PBN, so comment below if you’re willing to read the 2nd part.

Also let me know through comments if there’s any issue regarding to find expired domain or buying expired domains